Outbound Prospecting Strategies For 2021

Outbound sales are one of the most frequently used sales strategies since it brings huge success quite quickly and it’s been constantly improvised to meet the business goals.

Outbound Prospecting Strategies

This strategy focuses on communication with the target audience and is initiated from a company’s side, so it’s not the leads who search for a company, but the company who searches for new leads and turns them into customers and thus increases the company’s revenue.

There are various pros of choosing an outbound sales plan, such as setting your own pace of selling, quick testing of new ideas and products, reaching decision-makers earlier and directly, and creating hyper-targeted outreach campaigns.

To get the most from the outbound prospecting in 2021, we bring you some of the best strategies and practices to consider.

Proper introduction

When cold calling your prospects, it’s crucial that you introduce yourself in a proper way, stating your name and your company’s name.

This way, you show your importance as if the prospect you’re calling is expected to have heard of your company and you.

This strategy helps in triggering and gaining respect from your prospect.

When you’re reaching your prospects for the first time, it’s essential that you use your first fifteen seconds wisely.

No apologies

Lots of sales reps apologize for interrupting their prospects, but this is something that is not recommended. Most of the prospects will politely say ‘’no’’, even if you do interrupt them; but you shouldn’t use your time on such matters. It’s better to make a call quick and to the point.

Also, when you apologize for calling them, your prospects may get the idea you’re feeling nervous and that your call is not important when it actually is because you’re trying to offer them something that may help them transform their business be it by boosting their processes, reducing costs, or improving their bottom line.

State the Purpose

When you call or send an e-mail to your prospects, don’t beat around the bush; state the purpose of your call so you don’t waste their time. It also helps you to get their attention. Your choice of words is also essential for successful outreach. You can state the reason for your calling by showing that you understand their problems, their priorities, your experience and how you can help them, too.

This may require some thorough research on your prospects, but it’s worth the time as it’ll help you increase the chance of converting your leads into customers.

Don’t go into unnecessary details

Some details must be mentioned during a call or in an e-mail; there’s no need to bother your prospects about all functionalities or features of your service or product. Make it short and to the point by mentioning only the details that can help them improve their business.

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