Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Case Erector

A case erector is a machine used for stacking and packing cases or cartons. It is also known as a case erecting machine or case packer. Having a case erector is a big advantage for any company that needs to pack and stack items. In fact, it can be a lifesaver when trying to keep up with the pace of modern industry. Since it can make such a big difference in the way a business functions, anyone who is looking to purchase one needs to consider a few aspects.

buying a case erector

1. Durability

The best case erectors are made with materials that can take a lot of wear and tear. One of the most common materials used is steel, because it is strong but also relatively light. It needs to be able to carry both the cases it will be stacking as well as the weight of any items inside those cases without breaking or needing repairs too often.

Warranties are also important to consider. A lot of case erectors offer warranties, but they can vary in length and what they cover. When you’re about to buy a case erecting machine, you should keep in mind that these are made to last for a long time. Some of them can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Investing in good quality also saves money in the long run. If you’re buying a cheaper case erector that needs to be replaced after a few months or years, it’ll end up costing more than one that lasts for decades.

2. Ease of Use

For both employees and managers, it is important that the case erector is easy to use. This ensures that everyone will be able to operate it, and it also means that multiple people can work with it simultaneously without the cases getting mixed up.

For this, you will need to take a look at the controls and how they’re laid out. Are they easy to see and reach? Do they seem intuitive or do you have to stop and think about which buttons you need before it starts moving? Since you’re most likely providing shipping services as well, having a tool that can make packaging easy will benefit that part of your business as well. A good case erector machine needs very few instructions and can be used without too much trouble, which speeds up the process.

This will also make an impact on how your employees work with it. If the controls are easy to use, they will be less likely to make mistakes and waste time trying to figure things out.

3. Safety

Safety should be considered for the employees who will be using the case erector machine often. This includes ensuring that it is ergonomically designed, meaning that it has features like non-slip surfaces and non-skid feet to keep it steady while they’re working on it. Also, certain tasks should only be completed by one person at a time to ensure safety.

Since a case erector can be pretty heavy, it is important that it has features that help employees avoid injuring themselves while moving or lifting the machine. If they have to lift weights heavier than what would normally be considered safe for them, this could lead to back injuries if proper safety precautions are not taken. In addition, a case erector should be made with safety in mind from the very beginning. This includes using materials that won’t create sparks if they come into contact with other surfaces, and also staying away from sharp edges or exposed screws.

Considering these factors when looking to purchase a case erecting machine will help you avoid potential liability issues that could arise in the future. The machine should be durable, ergonomically designed, and safe for all employees to use without putting themselves at risk of injury.

4. Floor Space

The amount of floor space you have available for a case erector should also be taken into account. There are two options: one that is mobile and can be moved through your warehouse as needed, and another that is fixed in place and occupies its own permanent spot. This will determine which type you need to go with, and there are factors to consider for both.

If your employees need to access other parts of your warehouse, then it would be best to get a mobile case erector that can be taken through those areas as needed. This ensures that they will always have an adequate space to work and won’t bump into other equipment as there is usually not much extra room in warehouses. If you have a specific area that has been designated for your case erector, then it would be best to get the fixed type. The mobile option might not fit in well with the rest of your warehouse since it would require them to level the floor when moving it in and out so often.

It’s important not to keep it cramped up because that could make it harder for your workers to move around and could impact their overall performance. You also probably don’t want to place it near any other equipment or shelves where products might get caught under it.

5. Power Requirements

The power requirements of your case erector play a role in deciding which type you need to get. This is whether it requires standard AC current, runs on battery power, or can be plugged into an outlet with a generator backup just in case of an outage.

If you are looking for one that doesn’t require its own space to store the cord and plug, then it would be best to go with one that operates on battery power. This means you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting extra space for it or having to install an outlet that could potentially be used for other things. If your warehouse has visible outlets that are easily accessible, then it would make more sense to get a case erector machine that plugs in there. This would save you the trouble of purchasing, maintaining, and storing batteries.

case erector

When talking with a company that deals in case erecting systems, ask about any additional features they offer that could be beneficial for your business. You should also ask about any other models they make if you like the one you are demoing more than others while there, and what the differences are before making a final decision. Once you make your purchase, it’s important to regularly maintain your case erector system by oiling up its moving parts and checking the cords for any damage. This will ensure that it operates as expected and will last much longer.

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