Tips for Easy Shipping of Products

There are various companies in the world, providing shipping supplies. You might have a few in your city too; however, choosing the best among them is a challenging task. As a person engaged in the trading business, you should always go for the best shipping supplies company. You must carefully go through the essential guidelines so that the shipping supplier you choose matches your requirements.

easy shipping of products

The time and cost are important factors you need to consider if you want to find wholesale shipping supplies. The services provided by the company should match the cost. It should be inexpensive or pocket friendly. You should make sure that the processing time is not long so that you could do proper planning before delivering your goods. You definitely don’t want your business to be time-consuming so that you remain in your clients’ good books. If you get your supplies on time, you would be able to avoid any inconveniences that may occur.

You should know everything about the services that the shipping supplies company offers. Knowing all the information would help you make the proper arrangement and plan everything accordingly. You must know that some shipping suppliers provide an extension of supplying and storing services. If a company doesn’t, you may have to incur extra costs.

The other factors that are worth considering are insurance and licensing. You need to determine that the supplier has a legal licensed document so that they are able to meet a given set of standards and adhering to the terms and conditions. Insurance is important as you may get compensation if accidents or other unavoidable circumstances happen. This reduces your risk of losing money.

Another significant factor is the capacity. You should consider a wide range of supplies. As the customers can be large scale as well as small scale, you must choose the company with a wide range. In simple words, the supply should meet demand.

Packing and Shipping Boxes Securely

The thumb rule for any business is that you should ship the packages to your customers on time without any damage. However, the products can be damage-prone if not packed properly. This can hamper your reputation by reducing customer satisfaction and profit. You must know that there various types of packaging material, and every type of product needs different packaging. You can ask the shipping Supplies Company about the types and sizes of packaging material available with them. It will help you to choose the right packaging for your goods.

Types of shipment packaging

As mentioned above, you can choose among various packaging options according to the size, weight, and type of your product. Some of them are mentioned below:

Chipboard or paperboard boxes

Made from bendable chip cardboard, these brown or white boxes are light and mostly used for beauty products, pharmaceuticals and snacks.

Corrugated boxes

As these boxes are sturdy, they are used to ship articles with moderate weights. They are used for shipping gifts, crockery, toys, etc. Corrugated boxes are also used for shipping products to long destinations.

Cleated plywood boxes

These boxes are light weighted but solid. Cleated plywood boxes are used for shipping across borders.

While these are the most common types of packaging materials, various other kinds of stuff such as barrels, kegs, steel drums, and casks are also used.

Choosing the best shipment packaging 

You must choose the packaging material as per your product. Below are a few factors

Size of product

The size of your product plays an important role in determining the type of packaging boxes you need to use. You should not try to put your item in a box that is smaller or insanely bigger than the product that needs to be shipped. Placing a product in an undersized or oversized box can damage the item inside.

Type of product

The type of product is another factor that needs to be considered before choosing the type of packaging box. Perishable products need a different kind of packing. Similarly, breakable items such as crockery, ceramic vase, statues, and products made from glass, should be shipped in a box that has many layers in it.

Weight of Product 

The products should be shipped in boxes according to their weight. A heavy product should be packed in a sturdy and stiff box and not a lightweight box. Such products are usually shipped in a corrugated box. A cleated plywood box can also be used.Besides these, other factors include your budget, mode of transport, and destination.

Packing a box for shipping

Although choosing the right box is important, but only the box would not suffice your requirements. There are various other things that need proper consideration. You need to pad the boxes if you’re packing breakable items. You can find wholesale shipping supplies to ask them about various padding supplies available such as paper stripes, old newspapers, and bubble wrap. The box should be properly sealed with packing tape, ropes, and many more.

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