Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business

Grocery Business

The number of adults using grocery apps regularly is expected to reach a stunning 30.4 million by 2022 in America alone. Started with Instacart in 2012, Grocery apps have now become a part of the daily lifestyle.

The sudden and unfortunate eruption of the Covid-19 viral pandemic has boosted the ecommerce industry, and Grocery apps with the option of contactless deliveries have become an active component of lifestyle changes.

The pandemic has led to 39,000 DoorDash app downloads, followed by 20,000 UberEats app downloads in the United States in 2020. As a result, the compound annual growth rate of the online grocery market is expected at 24.8% from 2020 to 2027

Have a look at the infographic below depicting the online grocery market size of Europe.

Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business 1 Source: Grand View Research

The numbers are in favor. The global market size of online grocery shopping reached a whopping 189.81 billion USD in 2019. The comfort of buying groceries from home has become an integral part of people’s lives.

It is wise to say that the time & market scenario is ideal for entrepreneurs and SMEs to explore this Industry vertical. But before jumping to conclusions, let us analyze how grocery apps have become a viable option for businesses.

Here are the Top 10+ Benefits of Grocery Delivery Apps

  1. Greater convenience 
Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business 2

Convenience is the reason behind the success of mobile apps, and grocery delivery apps are seemingly offering loads and loads of it. Imagine buying groceries from a brick-and-mortar store. The usual process involves the following lines of action:

  • Visiting the store
  • Picking up your groceries from multiple shelves
  • Getting in the queue for paying the bills.
  • Finally, carrying back the heavy load back to your home.

All of these require a vast expense of time and energy. In contrast, Grocery delivery apps allow users to search and add products to the cart before placing the final order, right from the comfort of their homes.  

Offering a significant level of convenience is an essential aspect of grocery app development benefits. For example, buyers find it pretty convenient to place an order through the app leading to high conversions, leading to greater app retention rate over the device. 

  1. Cost-effective inventory 

Managing a retail grocery store in a prime city location burns holes in the pocket of the retailers. In contrast, investing in a grocery delivery app allows the retailer to run his shop from a more affordable location. The focus of the business remains on quicker delivery of the orders to build a loyal client base.

  1. Smooth inventory management 
Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business 3

An advanced administrator dashboard allows retailers to upload and modify the content over the app easily. In addition, the entire inventory stock can be updated over the app at regular intervals to ensure zero glitches between the orders received and the available items in the shop. Hire app developers who can customize the admin dashboard according to your business needs. 

  1. Creating Personalized offers 

Personalized offers are the latest trend in eCommerce. According to App Development stats, 90% of consumers find personalized offers more appealing than the usual shopping experience. Moreover, 80% are likely to purchase from a brand that provides client-based offers.

Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business 4

Source: Statista

Personalized offers are the ultimate tool for eCommerce platforms to stay ahead of the competition. However, creating them requires intricate consumer details about the preferred consumer choice, the number of products bought, frequency of shopping, etc. 

Here’s how grocery delivery apps benefit the retailer: It offers all the essential information about the consumers shopping preferences and habits over a single platform. As a result, analyzing consumer behaviors to create relevant offers for the clients becomes convenient for the managing team. 

As your grocery delivery business gains success, managing with a large set of data becomes seemingly impractical. In such a situation integrating Machine Learning is the optimal solution. 

  1. Preferred payment options

Among multiple benefits of grocery apps, tons of secure payment options play a pivotal role in higher conversion and effective business growth. In addition, App development company India can integrate your grocery app with an advanced payment gateway. 

The payment gateway secures all your transactions & supports preferred forms of digital payment, including cards, e-wallets, online banking, etc.

  1. Reduced staff headcount

Managing a brick-and-mortar grocery store requires high maintenance costs with significant expenses on staff. In addition, creating an aesthetic look for the buyers plays a pivotal role in boosting sales and inviting new customers. In contrast, a grocery delivery app requires mainly initial investment and a significantly lower maintenance cost. 

By integrating an advanced content management system, you can effectively trim your maintenance cost to the nil value. Overall, the grocery delivery app requires fewer staff members mainly concerned with packaging and delivering the items.

As far as creating an aesthetic look is concerned, you can upload tons of photos of the grocery items for the shoppers. Or perform a little experiment with the outlook of the app using the CMS.

  1. Order tracking
Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business 5

Groceries are preferred for immediate use as they are the basic needs of our lives. While many items have a longer shelf life, a more significant section of the food category is preferred fresh from the store directly to the ovens. In addition, grocery apps benefit the users with live tracking of orders, which effectively reduces anxiety.

Moreover, retailers can inform the users with the latest updates about the delivery of the products, which requires a longer time. Therefore, it minimizes the occurrence of conflicts between the buyer and seller.

  1. Push notifications enhancing abandoned cart recovery rate
Top 10+ Benefits of Building An App for Your Grocery Business 6

Gaining on lost conversion is an essential aspect for the eCommerce industry. Push notifications allow retailers to give a gentle reminder to the buyers where they have left from. In addition, push notification comes with the added advantage of displaying the essential information to the buyer over the home screen.

It is not dependent upon whether the user is on the grocery app or not browsing the app. Thus, with the right content and offers, gaining lost clients becomes more convenient for the team. According to Business Insider, mobile apps with push notifications witness 53% more monthly sessions. 

  1. Creates brand awareness and loyalty

 People find mobile app services not only more convenient but also more reliable owing to their benefits. For example, a grocery app allows the retailer to create personalized offers, convincing discounts, and special deals that effectively make phenomenal brand awareness.

The delivery app with an intuitive UI and high user experience builds an engaging customer relationship. As per Digital Commerce, U.S. consumers open an eCommerce app nearly 22 times a month. 

Looking at the logo while navigating through the app may seem insignificant but plays a crucial role in creating an association with a business brand selling particular products. 

  1. Deal in a range of food products

Both buyers and sellers benefit when the number of products is genuinely infinite or too high in number. A grocery delivery app does not require extra shelf space to add each new culinary item in the shop. All a retailer needs to do is upload the photographs of the new product they plan to sell.

On the other hand, consumers benefit from more extensive product choices with diverse qualities and fitting price ranges.

  1.  Contactless Delivery serving Safety norms

A grocery delivery app needs to showcase the pandemic safety norms getting followed by the retailer shop. With the world coping with the wrath of the CORONAvirus Pandemic, grocery apps with contactless delivery feature effectively minimize virus transmission risk. Undoubtedly, this life-saving benefit is worthy of mention.

Wrapping Up

Grocery delivery apps are beneficial for both the clients and the retailers. While retailers enjoy one-time investment with a negligible maintenance cost, push notifications, brand awareness, smooth inventory management, etc. Consumers lay hands-on convenient shopping experience, order tracking, preferred payment options, etc. 

Overall, they are a win-win for both the retailers and consumers. Grocery delivery app development company creates an advanced mobile app that gains you a higher Return on Investment.

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