Useful Tips For Hiring An SEO Professional

If you are in a business today and don’t care about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) then you need to seriously rethink your business growth and the cost of growing the business. Search Engine Optimization is all about helping you and your site show up in the top results when your potential customers search for a related product online.

The person who helps you with all of that is called an SEO Specialist. Now that you have an idea of how important Search Engine Optimisation is, you probably want to hire the best person to do the job and help your business do better in search engines. Hiring the right San Francisco based SEO expert is the key to improving the quality of your website and saving a lot of valuable time for your business, product, or service.

SEO Professional

 Keep reading for some rather useful tips to hire the right SEO professional for your web needs.

Conduct a thorough interview

When interviewing with a potential SEO consultant it is important to ascertain what they prioritise. A good sign when interviewing a good SEO specialist is that they don’t only focus on the search engine ranking but also on how they can help in the growth of the overall business.

What sort of questions do they ask about your business?

A good SEO expert has plenty of questions to ask about your company and products. Some of the questions new SEO experts should ask you are:

  1.  What makes your business or service unique?
  2.  Does the company use offline advertising? 
  3. Who are the company’s competitors?
  4. How do your customers currently find your website?
  5.  How does the business make money and how can search help with that?
  6.  What are the other channels used by the company for promoting the business?
  7.  What is the list of social networks used by the company?

The new coming SEO specialist needs to understand the company from a holistic standpoint and without this understanding SEO will not be successful. Asking these questions is a good sign. You should be wary of SEO specialists who act like they know-it-all all and don’t ask these questions.

Look at their track record

Ask potential SEO specialists to provide at least three SEO case studies, listing the URLs of three websites that they have previously worked on and the results they have been able to achieve. Also, ask them to list the tasks included and the time it takes to achieve the desired results. Make sure to do a thorough background check by following up with the references and past clients to make sure their claims are founded.

Avoid promises of unachievable goals

Promising a spot on the first page of Google within a month and delivering it is impossible. It’s an overly bold, unachievable claim to make as Google’s algorithm is dynamic and shows the results by taking in thousands of signals that cannot be so intensely manipulated within a month. If an SEO specialist promises a number one ranking of the searching engine in an unrealistic time frame it is unwise to go with this person.

Do they have any insider relations for improving the search results ranking?

If the candidate says that they have an insider for improving search result linking, then it is better to terminate the candidate. SEO consultants like this are known for their unethical tactics and can get your business banned from search engines.

Request a technical search audit

Let the SEO Specialist provide you with a detailed Technical SEO Audit on their own. If they request it you can provide them with a restricted view of your Analytics data, too. The SEO Specialist can use different SEO Audit Tools to do the audits. The resulting suggestions have to be suitable and show the intention to grow your business.

What is a successful SEO campaign for them?

SEO is not always about keyword ranking. The importance of the keyword and what kind of traffic is fetched by the keywords plays a vital role, too.

Find if they have any experience at improving local search results

It is important to appear in the top local search results to attract customers who are nearby. If a candidate can improve these results that is a big advantage for your business.

hiring a SEO Professional

It is also important for a business to understand that SEO is a continuous process and that you have to pay the consultants the right money to help you grow your presence in Search Engine Results. Stick to these tips to ensure that you hire the right consultant for you and your business needs.

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