Different types of drug addiction

There are basically 5 types of drug addiction. People go through different things and have different levels of addiction because of the lifestyle they are living, their biology, their level of drugs that they can take in the system. They are all different because of such reasons which is why some can get drunk by taking one glass of alcohol while some won’t get drunk even if they take 10 glasses of alcohol.

There are people that can smoke 10 packs of cigarettes and won’t develop a lung or heart issue and there are people who can get cancer by even second-hand smoking. The point here is that, people are different and the addiction can be of different types, some people might get addicted easily because of their low threshold level while some can get addicted after a long time of exposure.

Some are in the mild addiction phase while some are in the moderate, and some are in the extreme addiction case. But the thing is that whichever level they all are in when it comes to addiction, there is always a way to solve these addiction levels no matter how extreme they get. To learn more about that, see it here.

Addiction types are of 5 types. Each having its own treatment program assigned to it. All of the rehab facilities understand these 5 treatment types of these addiction levels. Here are the 5 addiction levels and their types:

1st type of addiction: Intervening early.

This addiction type is the first level and this is where the person just hears about drugs and tries them once. Upon hearing about them trying the drug for the first time from the school or through a friend etc. The parents or the guardians of the person who did drugs are told to intervene in this issue with the help of a medical professional. Therefore, the person who did drugs is told carefully the bad impact drugs can have on them and how it can ruin their lives. This intervention with the help of a doctor can really be fruitful and put the person to the right path.

2nd type of addiction: Outpatient program.

This addiction type is a little severe. This is where the person starts to do drugs occasionally. It won’t affect their work life too much nor their school life or hobbies, but it will slowly deteriorate their life and it will start to show. Some tasks can be done easily while in some there may be some problem due to the person giving more time to drugs than to other important things. Outpatient program is advised in this situation.

3rd type of addiction: Intensive outpatient program.

This is a more intense form of outpatient program. If a person starts to function less in important tasks and starts to take drugs daily, this is where the addiction starts to become moderate from mild and intensive outpatient program is administered to such a person for treatment.

4th type of addiction: Inpatient program.

When the everyday tasks become a hassle and a chore, when the person is seen clearly giving more time to drugs and taking drugs instead of spending time with his friends and family as well as work or school, this is where the addiction becomes extreme and inpatient treatment program is administered before it gets even worse.

5th type of addiction: Intensive inpatient program.

This is used when the inpatient treatment does nothing, therefore, a more intense treatment is administered. In this level, the patient loses their sense of self and the risks are high when this level of addiction is there.

Hence, whichever addiction level you or someone you know might be on, it is helpful to know there are proper treatment programs available to solve them.

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