Different types of drug addictions

There are many types of drug addictions and all of them have a treatment program dedicated to them. People tend to get afraid of drug rehab centers and they do not even go to checked up let alone get treatment programs for their addiction. There are many addictions but you can be sure that there are just as many addictions as there are treatments for them. So there is no need to worry about it at all. In case someone does get addiction due to some kind of a reason, then there are many ways to solve it, you just have to go to a drug rehab center and over there, all you have to do is to get treated for your addiction by getting a checkup by a rehab specialist. After a checkup, a program will be assigned, this is for mild to moderate to extreme level of addictions. Currently, there are 5 levels of addiction, and all of them have a treatment for them. Medical science has gone far and wide to identity these 5 types so that you can know which type of addiction you have and what you can do for each type, all these types are used to identity an addiction level at all the drug rehab alabama centers..

There are 5 types of addictions and their treatments are as follows:

Type 1: Early intervention.

This type of addiction is when the patient does drugs for the very first time or a few times and is caught. This addiction is definitely not severe nor is there any harsh action needed like taking them to the rehab facility and getting them treated for drug addiction. Instead, parents can call for an intervention and get their child to understand the harms of drug addiction and why they should not touch a drug again ever. Parents can do this with the help of a rehab specialist as this can have a more profound effect on the patient.

Type 2: Outpatient treatment.

This is the mild level of treatment. The type 2 drug addiction problem can be identified when a patient does drugs every day, at least once a day. This can be identified when you can smell drugs off of the addict’s body and face as well as their mouth when they talk. This addiction can become moderate and it can make them act erratic if not solved quickly. For such people outpatient treatment program is assigned where they have to go to a rehab facility for a few days in a week and get treated through detox treatment and therapy mostly.

Type 3: Intensive outpatient treatment.

This is for moderate levels of addiction. It is a stronger form of drug addiction and it used when simple outpatient treatment does not work. It is more intensive than outpatient treatment is. At drug rehab alabama, in this program everything is doubled down so that the patient can get some kind of cure for their addiction quickly.

Type 4: Inpatient treatment.

This is for high levels of addiction to drugs. This is assigned when someone is so invested in drugs that they just forget about every responsibility that they have. For these kinds of people, inpatient treatment is advised so that they can be admitted into a hospital and get treatment without any distractions.

Type 5: Intensive inpatient treatment.

This is when a patient’s drug addiction level reaches even higher and become extremely addicted. They cannot think straight, and talk straight. Only one thing is on their mind and that is drugs. They take drugs no matter where they can get it from. This calls for intensive inpatient treatment. If you want to get this treatment or any other treatment, then go to drug rehab alabama and get started.

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