Free Healthcare Coverage for Raketeers in Partnership with Intellicare

Free Healthcare Coverage for Raketeers in Partnership with Intellicare

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One of the biggest issues facing Raketeers all over the country right now is the lack of healthcare coverage for a lot of independent contractors like themselves. Due to the high cost of healthcare these days, a lot of Raketeers are often faced with the dilemma of how to fund the cost of their medical check-ups, tests, procedures and hospitalization as well as of their loved ones.


Luckily, the people behind Raket.ph have taken it upon themselves to change that by partnering with the premier healthcare provider in the Philippines, Intellicare.


Intellicare is one of the biggest HMOs in the country in terms of market share. They have a nationwide network of more than 1,000 reputable hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other medical institutions, manned by almost 15,000 highly regarded physicians and medical specialists. This has enabled them to provide personalized healthcare services that are easily available, accessible, and affordable too. It’s no wonder then why Intellicare is the HMO partner of choice of over 1,400 corporations in diverse industries all over the country.

In an effort to help Raketeers solve their healthcare expense issues, Raket.ph has recently partnered with Intellicare to provide free healthcare coverage to its eligible members. The benefits they will receive are comparable to what regular employees receive. The coverage includes pre-existing conditions and services can even be availed from the top five hospitals in the Philippines.


Eligibility will be based on the total project value earned by the Raketeer for the entire year through Raket.ph’s escrow facility. The cut-off date for the eligibility will be next year, June 30, 2016. All Raketeers that meet the minimum annual accumulated project value will receive a Php 100,000 worth of healthcare coverage c/o Intellicare. The higher their accumulation is, the more rewards they can get! They can even get an additional coverage for their dependents! All these for free just like as if they’re working for a regular company.


Those who don’t qualify need not fret though. Non-eligible Raketeers will still be given a chance to avail the coverage anytime for only Php 22,876.


Do not miss this amazing opportunity to solve your healthcare needs. To learn more about how to avail of this healthcare package from Intellicare, simply check out http://bit.ly/1BLHX14




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