The Benefits of Raket.ph

The Benefits of Raket.ph

Raket.ph has been fully operational since May 2014 and since then it has welcomed over 8,000 Raketeers. These Raketeers come from different parts of the country and are skilled across the board. So whatever service you may need, Raket.ph has already got you covered.


It is safe to say that Raket.ph changed the game, now freelancing is no longer a foreign terrain in the country but actually accepted as the new way to go about doing business.

It is also an exciting time to be a Raketeer, considering that Raket.ph receives about 30-40 inquiries per day with regards to freelance work and Raketeers are getting more and more for their raket by getting over Php10,000 per project with some over 5 projects minimum per month. Truly, it’s a good time to be Raketeer in the country.

Aside from Raketeers benefiting, clients are also getting once in a lifetime benefits by using Raket.ph. Now, they don’t have to search high and low to find the perfect people for specific jobs but all they have to do is visit Raket.ph and have a large number of Raketeers at their disposal.

Raket is also widening their reach with 20% of clients coming from international locations. Thousands of locations have already been served and numerous working relationships have been made. Some partnerships have also lasted for more than just one project, giving clients reliable Raketeers to help them with their work while at the same time giving Raketeers stable income.

Because of Raket.ph, freelance work is no longer just “on the side” work but can actually create sustainable income for Raketeers everywhere. Clients also no longer have to worry about where they can find reliable people to work with.

Raket.ph is on a mission to constantly improve for both Raketeers and their Clients. They recently partnered with VMoney to make transactions between Clients and Raketeers easier and even more secure while at the same time releasing their mobile app very soon for easier communication in the future.



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