The impact of COVID-19 on the private healthcare sector

Many businesses have been impacted negatively by the pandemic, with less people spending their money in industries such as hospitality and travel. However certain other sectors have reported a massive increase in business, one of those is the cosmetic surgery industry.

The surge in popularity could be, in part, down to the increased use of video calling, with many people spending a lot longer every day looking at their own faces and picking up faults they might not have seen before. Video calling also exaggerates facial asymmetry, due to the fact that the camera flips your picture, your face looks different to how you usually see it. 

It could also be down to extra time at home they can then use for recovery, making it the perfect time to invest in their bodies. Along with the spare cash if you haven’t been going out as much at the weekend.

Certain cosmetic surgery clinics have also volunteered their facilities to help during the pandemic. Providing space for both Covid-19 patients and for non-pandemic related cases. Transform Hospital Group is one of those clinics, with CEO Tony Veverka issuing the following statement:

“We are already providing essential services to the NHS, and operationally we have organised our schedules to ensure that patients who are reliant on these services are catered for at a time when there is increasing pressure building on the health service. But we are also ready to support further, through extending our facilities to provide a home for non-Covid related services that would otherwise add to ever-increasing waiting lists.”

The message being projected across all platforms is one of support. Ready to stand with the NHS in this time of need. Earlier in the pandemic it was also reported that some clinic nurses had dusted off their previous scrubs in order to provide essential personnel support and have re-joined NHS hospitals.

Mr Veverka later added “We’re glad to be able to add value, and are ready to help further – Transform Hospital Group has more capacity which could be utilised by the NHS across our clinic network, from London to Cardiff, Glasgow and the North-East of England, helping more patients at a time they need it most.”

Even though the past year has been a year of loss for many, it is vital to remember the organisations that have stood with the public and have helped everyone to move forwards with their lives and provided support for those when they have needed it most.  

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