Why Onion Hair Oil is Good For You

Did you know that onion juice provides extra sulfur in order to support thick and strong hair? Yes, this truly helps in preventing hair loss and in increasing hair growth. The sulfur in the onions appears to aid in production of collagen, which is necessary for hair growth and proliferation of healthy skin cells.

onion hair oil

Onion does not only help in nourishing the hair follicles but it also helps to improve blood circulation, both of which are necessary for healthy hair. As per the onion for hair growth review, oil containing onion juices is one of the best remedies for hair growth which is effective and completely safe. Apart from these, the oil also has anti bacterial properties which ensure the good health of the scalp. Anti oxidants in the oil promote natural growth.

How effective is it?

Hair growth will be visible in about 2 weeks on those with alopecia areata, if the onion oil is applied to the health every day. Re-growth of hair among males is relatively higher than females. By about 6 weeks, roughly every individual will be able to see hair.

Sulfur is one of the most common minerals that are necessary for the body. It is needed in ample amounts for adequate production of enzymes and proteins. It is present in keratin, which is one of the main components of hair. The nourishment through this mineral is necessary to help during the growing phase.

Addition of other ingredients

Other ingredients such as fenugreek seeds, jojoba oil, camphor, and rosemary may also be added to the onion juice to create oil with an enhanced formula for the hair.  Here are the benefits of the other ingredients:

  1. Rosemary– It has anti inflammatory properties which aid in hair and scalp nourishment. The herb also comes with analgesic properties to enhance the chapped scalp.
  2. Fenugreek seeds– This is a storehouse of minerals, namely Selenium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, and Potassium. Being a strong antioxidant, it is able to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. It also contains nicotine acid and proteins which help to prevent hair loss.  
  3. Jojoba oil– This moisturizes the scalp and is an excellent remedy for dandruff in the winter. With the help of vitamins B, C, and E it is able to promote hair thickness.
  4. Hibiscus– This works well to control premature ageing

As you may have noticed, certain benefits of one ingredient are similar to that of another. One must look at the oil as a sum total of all these ingredients.

Include onions in recipes

If you want healthy hair, it is also important for you to include onions in most of the recipes being prepared at home. Not only are they good for the hair but also for your general health. Of course, if you aim to see results in your hair through this method, they will be a lot slower in comparison to direct application.

In terms of your body, regular onion consumption has the following benefits:

  1. May improve heart health- Since they contain anti oxidants and other compounds which decrease triglycerides, they could potentially reduce heart disease risks
  2. Cancer fighting compounds- Eating vegetables such as onions and garlic lowers risks of cancers such as colorectal and stomach. These properties are linked to the sulfur compounds and anti oxidants in onions.
  3. Keep blood sugar in check- Specific compounds like quercetin as well as sulfurs have anti-diabetic effects
  4. Could increase bone density- Onions reduce oxidative stress and lower bones loss, which would help in boosting bone density and thereby lowering the risk of osteoporosis 
  5. Improved digestive health- Onions contains loads of fibers and prebiotics, which are necessary for ensuring best gut health

Pollution is one of the main culprits for ruining many aspects of our health, including the hair. No matter how much we try to protect hair with scarves or heat protectants, they still get exposed. As a result of this, they lose shine day by day. Also, individuals living in those homes which receive hard water will have weak strands of hair. There’s not too much we can do about the pollution levels, but we can certainly take extra care by using all possible solutions.

Onion hair oil is used in Ayurveda

Did you know that onion hair oil is a widely used Ayurvedic hair solution? You just need regular dedication to apply this oil to your hair and scalp. Ayurvedic solutions have zero side effects and are suitable for all those who are not allergic to onions. Over time, you will notice that the oil is also being able to maintain hair pH, which is an extremely positive sign. What’s more, you can even mix with carrier oils for increased benefits.

Make it a point to spend substantial time on the Internet to locate a reputed manufacturer of onion-based hair oils. It will aid you in taking the best hair care. 

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