How To Start A Home Based DJ Business

How To Start A Home Based DJ Business
by: JosephAlexander

Looking to break into the music industry without ever singing a note or strumming a cord? Then consider starting a DJ business. The Disc jockey business is perfect for the music lover and enthusiast who is passionate about music and who is a “people person”. There are many DJ businesses that are quite profitable, and with this type of business, you don’t need to dedicate yourself to it full time. Most businesses are part time “gigs” with most of the work being done at night and on the weekends. This means that you can keep your day job, at least in the beginning, until your company takes off and you can make a living from it. This is a fun venture that has a party atmosphere attached to it, so it appeals to a fun person who likes to party but who has a serious head on his or her shoulders.

What You Will Need

To start a DJ business, you will need some good stereo equipment that is capable of rocking out a packed house, an amplifier, a microphone, a collection of CDS or at least MP3s, a computer, and reliable transportation to haul it all from venue to venue. It is notable that there are some great disc jockey programs out there that you can use to help you present your show more efficiently, so it may be wise to invest in one of those. Some DJ’s also provide their own lighting, although this is optional; if you decide to offer strobe lighting or other special effects, you can obviously charge more for your services.

Getting Started

The DJ business is not for everyone, largely because it takes patience to really establish yourself as a talented disc jockey and keep your calendar booked. Starting out, you can expect to ask for less money than those more experienced, and to perhaps even do some pro bono work for local schools and organizations – just to get yourself out there in the spotlight to show your skills. This is a great way to drum up business in the future by showcasing your talents today.

Attracting Clients

When attracting clients, the aforementioned free services are a big help. But you will want to advertise your business and get some real clients, too. Put up some posters, pass out fliers, print out business cards and distribute them and have your friends and family do the same. Contact different organizations and let them know that you have started a new DJ business, and post some regular ads in your local newspaper under the entertainment section. Take advantage of Craigslist.Org to post ads for free. Don’t overlook establishing a website for your new company to promote your services. This will open the door to a whole world of possible clients for you. Make sure that your website is well equipped with videos of you in action, and that you have a contact form in place so that folks can request you to DJ their events.

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