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eco-friendly productsUsing eco- friendly products does not only protect the environment but also keep our lives healthy. With eco- friendly shopping in mind can make a big difference in many ways. You can use paper bags when shopping dry goods instead of using non- biodegradable plastics, discourage use of non- biodegradable and toxic cleaning chemicals, help in recycling materials and reduce the amount of toxic materials entering our ecosystems.

Global warming, destruction of wildlife and ecosystems are the consequences of using organic non biodegradable products, widely as polythene bags, Air Cooler production items such as Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) etc. As a responsible consumer, buying eco- friendly products and services that don’t harm the environment is one of the great decisions we can make to help sustain our environment. It does not only promote the health and wellness of our body but also helping our world against total destruction.

The idea behind the manufacturing of eco- friendly products like eco-friendly household cleaners, using paper bags and recyclable materials and more is generated from the thoughts about caring the future of our planet. Organic or eco- friendly products maintain a sense for healthy living and a safe environment. Eco- friendly Products are organic and environmentally-friendly products that help protect the environment and can be recycled over for further use. Thus, the amount of toxic materials entering into our ecosystem can be minimized.

Eco- friendly household cleaners are mostly made with safe, non toxic, all natural, biodegradable ingredients that are not only good for your health, but for the environment too. Besides, producing these products also help in giving employment to many people. This what makes Messy Bessy, a line of non-toxic household cleaners, an extra special. Messy Bessy aims not only to help save the environment but help disadvantaged people as well.

Messy Bessy is a part of a project called HOuSE, which is an acronym for “Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises”. It was established by Krie Lopez, a young social entrepreneur, for disadvantaged young adults who have come together for the hopes of a brighter future. The experience of setting up and working in ventures like Messy Bessy ultimately empowers and provides them with the much needed second chance in life.

With the goal of helping disadvantaged young people and sustaining her foundation, Lopez together with her own siblings and young adults in her foundation, they started conceptualizing and planning Messy Bessy and finally launching it in November 2007.

Because of the effectiveness of Messy Bessy products, it became the talk of the town for young mothers and other customers who were so pleased about the products.

Messy Bessy offers a line of worry-free household cleaning products- from all purpose cleaners, specialty cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers, Kitchen cleaners, laundry detergents, insect repellents to baby cleaning materials. All of these are made with safe, non- toxic, all natural, biodegradable ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Distilled White Vinegar, and Essential Oils.

Messy Bessy is an inspiration to take for anyone who wanting to start a business and at the same time helping other people by providing them a job. If we are just thinking of helping our environment and sustaining the needs of our community, it will not be difficult to think what business we are going to start. Messy Bessy is a great example of this. It doesn’t need a big amount of money to start a business. It will only need your creativity and your passion in helping other people. Just like what Krie Lopez did, it only proves that anyone can make a difference.

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