Best Smart Locks In 2021

One of the parts of the job description of the smart lock is protecting your house from thieves. But intelligent locks also serve as preventive guards. They can trace whenever anyone closes or opens the door at home. 

Locks with fingerprint sensors could notify you if the children came home within their time. Also, other smart locks can automatically lock themselves if you forget to do it yourself. You’ll get surprised by some of the other things they’re capable of doing.

To help you in choosing from many substitutes, we’ve gathered a few of the best smart locks with their pros and cons. These smart locks will make your house safer and more innovative than ever. Besides, remember that only having an excellent smart lock is not enough. You need to hire a good locksmith, too, for its installation. It would be best if you were careful while selecting a good locksmith in Brunswick, ME.

August Smart Lock Pro 

One of the most famous models out recently. It is also one of the tiniest smart locks because it is only meant for a deadbolt, not a handle and a deadbolt. The lock is available in two colors, silver and dark grey, which is very close to black. Both colors have a white Wi-Fi bridge.

With the app, you can open your door; you can also check the list that the app maintains of:

  • When the door is closed or opened.
  • Who closed or opened the door?
  • What time all door activity occurs.


  • Straightforward installation.
  • It is similar to Google Home and Alexa.
  • It possesses an automatic unlocking setting.
  • It has a modern design.
  • It includes a door sense censor.


  • WIFI connection is a must for use.
  • The app can be hypersensitive.
  • High price.

Schlage Sense

The Schlage Sense is one of the great intelligent locks. It is versatile and customizable. It comes in a couple of different designs, the first one is more classic Camelot and the second one is the modern century. Furthermore, it is available in three varied finishes: matte black, aged bronze and, satin nickel.

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Also, it works with Apple’s Home Kit. Therefore, you can monitor your smart lock using gadgets like an iPad, Apple TV, or Home Pod speaker by the Home Kit app. The Schlage Sense lock also endorses Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It allows you to use only your voice to lock and unlock the device.


  • It has a built-in Alarm.
  • Also, it possesses an adjustable auto-lock feature.
  • Similar to Apple Home Kit.


  • Remote access only with Apple. Home Kit or Wi-Fi Adapter add-on.

Eufy Smart Touch Lock

You cannot connect Eufy Smart Lock Touch to the internet for remote control. Even then, it still stores a bunch of features and does very well in our tests. Some of the features are:

  • In Eufy smart lock touch, your finger is the key.
  • You can control it from anywhere.
  • A built-in sensor that locks your door automatically whenever you close it.
  • You can lock it in multiple ways (by fingerprint, via phone, or by using the keypad or key).

In the lab tests, the Eufy smart touch lock ranks outstanding for its resistance to kick-ins as bought. It’s pretty reluctant to pick, too, but it could be a bit better at resisting drilling. The smart lock also scores highly for the comfort features and the ease of setup.


  • A fingerprint scanner.
  • A touch-screen keypad for passwords.
  • An access list to trace who goes and comes, a feature of auto-lock.
  • Moreover, the ability to unlock and lock it from its phone app via Bluetooth when you are close to it. 


  • Requires a bridge.
  • Does not support IFTTT or Home Kit.
  • Particular third-party integration.

Wyze Lock

The Wyze Lock is the very first smart lock from this budget competent home firm. It operates pretty nicely in the tests. It rates very amazingly for remote operation. Also, it scores high in the comfort and safety add-on evaluations. Its features include:

  • Auto-unlocking and locking.
  • An access logs. 
  • It has electronic keys.
  • It possesses an integrated door sensor. 
  • The voice control is through Amazon Alexa.
  • And an alarm that will let you know if someone has left the door open after a fixed duration of time. 


  • Affordable
  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to install
  • Responsive
  • Uses most of your existing hardware
  • Auto-Unlock and Auto-lock options


  • It does not integrate with third-party smart devices or other Wyze. 
  • IFTTT support and voice control are not enabled yet.


Smart security gadgets have become intensely popular in the last few years. Smart security locks are one of them. They allow you to protect your doors remotely. They provide you with a means to get back into your house through your smartphone if you’ve forgotten your house keys. 

Although, these intelligent locks might look like a thing straight out of a science fiction movie. But they are real, and they are surprisingly beneficial. These smart locks can pair with a mobile application to enable remote access to unlock, lock. 

Also, they can control your front door with the application or even only a voice command. Now, the only issue is which smart lock is good for you. By reading this article, we hope you find out the answer to this question.

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