Common Linen-Related Complaints From Hotel Guests

People book hotel rooms expecting to find comfort, pampering, and relaxation. They also expect a clean and safe resting place where to spend the night. You have to make an effort that everything is in order before all guess can occupy their rooms after booking. You should ensure that all your guests are safe and sound throughout their stay.

This article is prepared to bring to your attention the most common complaints guests usually have regarding hotel linen. Understanding these will help you find solutions so you don’t get any guests complaining about the same. Let’s get started.

Poor linen quality

Managing a hotel comes with various costs in different departments. However, it’s not a good idea to cut corners when getting essential supplies such as linen. Your guests will most likely notice them and raise a complaint.

It can get worse if they mention your poor quality linen in a review where other potential guests can see the comment. Apart from annoying guests, poor-quality linen tears faster. You’re more likely to end up in the market to buy new linen sooner than you expected which is costly in the long run.

Yellow stains

Some hotels face a problem of yellow stains on the bedsheets and towels. These might appear as long marks having blurred edges of varying intensity. Keep in mind that these spots are hard to notice while washing for being transparent. These stains usually result from UV protectors during summer and are resistant to rubbing and water.

Linen spots result from a chemical reaction and are not so easy to remove. Fortunately, you can enlist laundry services in Manchester that rely on intelligent processes to make your linen sparkling clean. Here, methods such as treatment with a reducing agent or organic solvents are applied at an appropriate temperature to eliminate the stains. Professionals understand the best way to handle stains regardless of the duration of their stay on the fabric.


It is always very important to know when to replace your hotel linens. Regardless of how much care you give your linens, wear and tear are inevitable. So, you have to replace them at some point. The catch is to know when. You don’t have to wait for guests to begin complaining that your linens are uncomfortable to touch or brittle.

Additionally, you should also replace the towels when they lose their absorbency. Your guests must always have access to lines with the right specifications. These should have the right quality and softness to be sure that they feel nice to touch.

Faded and discolored linen

Guests use different body lotions, hair products, soaps, facial creams, and cosmetics that cause discoloration to hotel linen. Keep in mind that some of these products are oxidizing agents or have bleaching properties that encourage discoloration, light staining, or fading. You can limit the skincare products and cosmetics your guests use. What you need is to enlist a commercial laundry service with intelligence-based processes to maintain your linen.

Stale or musty smell

Poor drying is a major cause of stale, moldy, or musty smells. This affects pillows and duvets as the filling inside clumps together because of the dampness. Eventually, bacteria begin to grow, and mildew and mold form as the filling rots. All these introduce a very unpleasant smell making your guests very uncomfortable.

It is very important to outsource a professional laundry service to ensure that your guests find everything in their rooms smelling fresh and clean. Disinfecting laundry is very important especially today with the looming fear of coronavirus . Professional care will make your linen maintain its silkiness and softness while smelling nice always.  This is the best way to have peace of mind that all your guests access linen that smells nice and comfortable as well as clean.

Creased bed sheets

Ironing your bed sheets after the fabric dried too much encourages creasing. Finer fabrics have a higher thread count but dry out much faster. So, ironing these sheets while still damp allows making them free from creases. New linen is prone to creasing during the first wash because of the remaining residue chemical during weaving. A professional laundry service understands the best way to handle linen regardless of age to ensure that it doesn’t have creases to ensure your guests have a great experience.

Polyester or polycotton linen is also prone to creasing resulting from thermal shock. This results from hot washing polyester fabric that makes it soft and pliable to form creases. Polyester is a form of plastic prone to bending and stretching when exposed to heat. After quick cooling, polyester regains hardness and goes into a creased position.

Bottom line

Linen management can make or break your hotel. Entrusting a reliable laundry service is a great idea to prevent common complaints guests usually have regarding hotel linen.


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