How Leaflet Advertising can Help local businesses in London

Although a traditional form of direct advertising, leaflets and flyers have been consistently used for decades by local businesses in London. And the interesting thing is that businesses of all sizes – multi-national or small and local – use this marketing formula because it works.

They target customers area-wise and distribute flyers that leave a lasting impression on people, turning leads into sales.

So, now that it’s been established that London leaflet distribution works, how can one improve on it to enjoy its maximum potential?

Creative Designs

Arguably, people will notice a leaflet with an eye-catching design faster than they would a very ordinary-looking one. And it isn’t just about the colours or type of paper you use. Printing designs that appeal to the visual sense will go a long way in grabbing people’s attention with the leaflet. For instance, a tattoo shop can incorporate captivating artworks they’ve done to showcase their skills when advertising via flyers. It gives potential customers an idea of what type of service they can expect from the place.

Who is it Meant for?

Having a leaflet tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your target market is crucial. That’s because over fifty per cent of people who receive addressed marketing mail open it the same day they get it. Also, about twenty-four per cent of people set the mail aside to look at it later on. What this essentially means is that people notice the flyer. They read what is in it, consider the product, and may even drop by the store selling it and pick one up.

Is the Message Clear?

Generic content will take your London leaflet distribution endeavour only so far. You need to give specifications such as colour, shape or size of the product you are selling if you want customers to buy it. Also, if you are selling a service, you can include rates, days in the week it’s open and any discounts currently on offer. Having a concise message like this will help you reach your target market better.

For instance, suppose you are selling plots or houses in South London and wish to advertise it in as many areas as possible. You have taken the permissions and distribution rights but have failed to mention that the property is located in South London. In such cases, the customers will find it hard to find the area where you sell it. You will lose even those who would readily have bought a home in South London simply because you haven’t mentioned the location in the leaflet.

Printing the Right Number of Copies

According to statistics, print media advertising in the UK has decreased from 1.65 billion British pounds to 1.46 billion British pounds during the 2017–2021 period. But direct marketing methods such as flyers, brochures and leaflets are still largely prevalent.

The key is to know how many leaflets to print so that they reach the target audience. Also, so that you don’t end up spending an excessive amount from hand. Typically, you should study the number of people in the area you wish to target before printing any copies. For instance, if it is a door-to-door drop at a building, you should have enough leaflets to cover all the apartments in it.

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