Get A Designer Closet Without Breaking The Bank

Do you remember when you last revamped your closet? Updating and refreshing your closet will keep your sense of fashion at par with current trends and styles. But, there’s a catch. Designer clothes don’t come cheap. Fortunately, by the time you finish reading this article, you’re going to discover how to get a luxury closet without breaking the bank. You can get a fresh look any time anywhere without moving from one bargain store to another or draining your savings.

Here’s how.

Identify your fashion

The first step to giving yourself a fresh look is to go through your closet. You do this to pick out favorite items that you had forgotten. It is true that your closet has clothes you wear more than others. Getting a luxury closet requires looking at clothes you already have. Doing this is to help you figure out those that still fit, stylish, and fashionable. Equally important is to identify clothes you still want but no longer fit and those you don’t want anymore. Doing a full inventory helps knowing what you exactly need.

Get an app

After discovering clothes that you like and those you don’t need any more, get on online and download a second hand market app. Regardless of you whether you use Android or iPhone, the app for swapping fashionable items will work. Here, you will find other people selling and buying fashionable items including handbags, bags, sunglasses and clothes. There are a lot of people out there like you who desire to get vintage, designer, and high fashion items without spending too much money.

Getting a luxury closet in UAE is just a matter of selling items you don’t need any more and buying those you want from that money. Actually, it is just like you swap clothes and other items you no longer use for those you want. The best thing is that you can do this in the palm of your hands without moving from one discount store to another. You can update your closet from the comfort of your home, office, or bed by just spending a few minutes on the phone.

Discount coupons

You can also update your closet using discount coupons to grab some amazing bargains. However, this time you will have to check out the various designer stores. Luxury clothes store have intimidating price tags on all their items. However, you can check their websites and social media pages for discounts and discount sales. You have to take time checking out various stores but you will definitely get some deals. With a combination of resilience and patience, you can get a fashionable closet without spending a fortune.

Seasonal sales

The UAE is a shoppers’ paradise. So, big stores usually offer special seasonal sales and offer massive discounts. During sale periods, prices of fashionable clothes from big brand names such as Hermes, Tiffany, Zara, and Versace are always cut by 70 to 80 percent.

Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi offer the ultimate shopping experience in the UAE with amazing sales in shopping malls, bazaars, and small shops. Timing is very important when considering benefiting from sale periods. The best time is June to July during summer sales and January to February for the winter sales.

Be creative with accessories

Another way to get a luxury closet is to invest in the right accessories. Luckily, there cost a small fraction of what you would have spent on fashionable clothes. The first thing to do is to rummage your drawer containing jewelry and other accessories. Look out for chic and trendy pieces that add a stylish flair to your outfits. Some of the must-have items that make you look like a million dollars includes:

  • Bold headband
  • Vintage-print headscarf
  • Cool hair clips
  • Trending baseball cap
  • Cool scrunchie
  • Statement chain necklace
  • Retro socks

Get style ideas

It is actually possible to always look fashionable without spending any amount on new clothes. With minimal effort, take time to get style ideas online, your favorite celebrity, or friends. You will discover that you have items you can put together and look like you just got off the runway. Tucking in a shirt, tying straps, or rolling up sleeves in various ways make you look different but stylish. So, fresh style ideas transform your ordinary closet into a fashionable one without any expense.

Discover new brands

Finally, a luxury closet is not one full of items from top brands . Shopping from top brands is not for everyone since it costs an arm and leg. However, you should begin looking out for new brands with trendy fashions. New market entrants have quality pieces but offer lower prices to attract clientele. The best thing is that these might have quality replicas from the top guns in the industry. Keep exploring and you are likely to get a superstar look on a budget.

Looking trendy and stylish is for everyone. However, our bank balances are not the same. With some creativity, digging, and patience, you too can get a luxury closet without draining your wallet with the ideas above.


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