Three Wedding Photography Tips for Interracial Couples With Different Skin Tones

Photography isn’t just about clicking a couple of hundreds of pictures with a beautiful background but it’s an art. There are a lot of factors that make or break a photograph. A professional photographer knows how to make their art stand out from the rest. Combining their skills with the perfect light, colour, and background, a professional will click his best shot. Now, when it comes to wedding photography, people need to be more skilled and experienced than any ordinary photographer. It’s because there will be a continuous list of events at a wedding. Thus, one needs to be skilled and experienced enough to click their best shots throughout the course of the wedding.

One of the unique challenges that a photographer face during a wedding, especially an Asian wedding is to capture photographs of an interracial couple. Without knowing the use of light, background, cast, and colour, one can never make these photographs stand out. The experts always follow the best practices to help these couples to get the best wedding photographs. After all, a wedding is the most beautiful moment. Hence, everyone deserves to have the best photographs with their loved ones so that they can cherish them for a lifetime. Let’s take a look at the tips to follow for wedding photography for interracial couples,

1. Fix The Camera Exposure Properly

If anyone has ever tried clicking photos of two people with different skin tones, they would understand the struggle. In this case, the “auto exposure” feature will never work. It’s because the technology can work when there’s one focus point in the camera. But, when there are two or more people in the focus, the technology itself struggles. So, it may happen that only one person looks perfect while the other one looks pitch black or pale. This is why people should hire London Asian wedding photographer. A professional photographer knows how to set the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO so that all the skin tones, be it dark or white- can look their best in the photographs. It means interracial couples can have the best photographs without worrying about their skin colour. This is the best part of hiring a professional photographer. Even if they demand a significant amount, it’s worth spending the money.

2. Prioritize The Lighting Setup 

The mistake that a novice photographer makes is that he/she goes after the best background without considering the light. But, ideally, a wedding photo session starts in the morning, especially, at an Asian wedding. There are a lot of rituals in Asian weddings that start in the morning time. So, a photographer needs to capture the best shots of these beautiful moments. So, when shooting in natural light, a photographer should choose the location based on the lighting. If a place receives no natural light, then it’s probably not a good place to start the photography session, especially when shooting in daylight. This will help a couple to avoid wedding disasters.

Generally, there are plenty of artificial lights to back up a professional photographer. Still, when shooting in daylight, one must prioritize the lighting first rather than the location. When the light is soft, flat, and diffused, one can easily click the most beautiful and balanced photographs. But, in case, there’s not much natural light, then the photographer’s expertise will save these couples. Ideally, a professional must know how to take the best photographs in the most difficult lighting situations such as dark basements, barns with a warm-colour wood.

3. Choose A Good Background With Proper Colours

The types of clothes the bride and groom are wearing decide the kind of background that a photographer should choose. Generally, if someone has a specific undertone in his skin, then the photographs won’t look the best if he puts them against the same coloured background. For example, if anyone wears yellow-coloured clothing but has yellow undertones on his skin, then he won’t look the best if he puts it up against a yellow wall. It’s because if the background colour brings out one’s undertone, then the photograph will not look at its best. So, choosing a good background is a must. However, it should be noted that people should be aware of the surrounding colours as these will impact the background. So, the colour may appear like the blending of the surrounding colours and the background colour. This is why people should be careful while choosing a background colour.

Photography is about clicking the best shots, not a random one. Especially, when it comes to clicking the shots for an interracial couple, people needs to be extremely vigilant. An expert is always careful about the lighting, background, and other important factors that impact a photograph. This is the reason why one must consult with the experts before the wedding happens.


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