10 Best Business Listing Directories in 2021

Business directories strengthen your business’s online composure. Particularly for local businesses who can strive to get customers. Moreover, when you are listed in a reputable directory such as Citylocal Pro, Yelp, Google my business, etc. You can effortlessly connect with businesses listed on it. Which can provide you chances you would not have had passage to otherwise. However, US Business directories are an incredible way for local businesses to be explored easily.

Although, it is essential to go for US business directories that are reliable and trusted. Because it is all your business, private and public information, and business deals, therefore, here are ten popular business directories that are an incredible place to stay when tackling directories.

Google local places

Nowadays, everyone is well-introduced to Google. It is a type of search engine that can support you in getting an antidote to various types of issues. Moreover, there is a particular feature or place proposed by Google which is evolving as very helpful in listing the local spots.

Here, the business holders can speculate its way and use services by which they can handily place business in the List. Of course, all this stuff is becoming valuable with the relief of Google maps. Plus, the online users are selecting its way for discovering the locations.

If your business is displayed and indexed on Google maps, it improves the opportunities of attracting clients with the support of online sources.


The platform is providing local business listing services in an entirely different mode. The means of this specific source assists individuals in many ways, such as – proper promotions. Here, various types of businesses are benefiting other ones in promotions and empowering potential clients. In other words, we can say that it assists in running a business with a partnership.


Yelp.com is another USA local business directory journal and social networking zone where users list their business and get positive and negative reviews from different states and clients who have attended that business.

Yelp has primary categories in restaurants, businesses, home services, local farms, and schools, where Yelp users can review their products or services employing one to the five-star rating system. Furthermore, Yelp displays a business that is appropriate to your inquiries and genuine local business.


With approximately 2.8 billion users, Facebook is one of the most excellent places to strengthen a business presence. Besides this, you can build a Facebook Business Page for free, which works as a microsite for your business and provides you with a more excellent proficiency to interact with consumers.

Google My Business

When speaking about business directories, we have to speak about Google My Business. As a free and easy-to-use means for businesses and companies, Google My business has a broad range recognized as the most famous search engine globally. Plus, it enables businesses to manage businesses’ online presence across Google, encompassing Search and Maps.

Their objective is to help consumers find your business. As an enhanced value, Google My business informs them of your story: you can validate your business posts and allow people to leave reviews on your google my business page.

Citylocal Pro

Citylocal Pro is among the top USA local business directory profiting both business holders and local searches. They are enabling businesses to regulate and enhance their online visibility. Moreover, they are also allowing them to increase brand knowledge.

We employ influential marketing schemes for a small local business that enable them to thrive and win against their competitors. Plus, they are considered an excellent local directory and a small business directory as they are effectively working for businesses to grow. However, if you are operating a small local business, add it to their business directories.


Blogarama is probably a directory to not miss out on. It is a platform that is acknowledged to be the “oldest blog directory. “So why is it here? Aside from blogs, Blogarama has been providing a business listing service. There are three proposals, and the business proposal is around 10 euros a month.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one of the best companies listing sites in the USA only for the local service operators, like roofers, plumbers, handymen, technicians, consultants, and dentists. Moreover, it is an online directory that enables users to read and publicize self visited reviews of local businesses and contractors.

Bing Places

Next up is Bing Places, the Google My Business counterpart for the world’s second most prominent search engine. However, bing places have always been an excellent choice for its customers. Moreover, it has never disappointed its potential clients.

While only about 6% of the world employs Bing as their search engine, it’s significant to know that it’s the default search engine for Internet Explorer, Edge, and Microsoft still oversees the desktop computer market. So besides this, make sure you surpass those PC users by putting your business in Bing Places.


Manta is one of the most crucial online support committed to dominant companies. That conveys products, administrations, and informative open doors that are influential, straightforward, and equipped to help entrepreneurs become progressively fierce in their schemes. Furthermore, the Manta business directory will make your company recognize a user who searches for their inquiry associated with their businesses.

Final Thoughts

Listing your business on every US business directory is the best way to ensure your business maximizes its SEO and is striking in as many searches as feasible.

In addition, building a free business listing with similar information on a variety of local business listing websites is also beneficial. Doing this enables search engines to confidently display your profiles more frequently, directing on keyword searches associated with your products or services.

In other words, listing your business massively steers your local SEO. Plus, it will improve the reach of your company profile in searches across multiple search engines in local and mobile queries.

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