Big Data In Practice: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits

Big data was long thought to be the next gaming changing development in business. No one is arguing about the value big data can create but incorporating big data policies into a company can be problematic. A survey by the Business Application Research Center, analysed how some of the biggest companies in the world are utilising big data analytics.

The overall results are positive but some difficulties are being experienced. Inadequate analytical know-how and data privacy issues proved the biggest stumbling blocks for companies. The truth is that to successfully incorporate big data initiatives, you need people with the proper skillset.

Another interesting point is how influential senior management is in big data initiatives. In companies, where big data initiatives are an integrated part of business processes, senior management is the primary driver 61% of the time. Check out this infographic from Colourfast for a more detailed analysis of how big data is being used in the real world.

Big Data In Practice: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits 1

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