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Big Data In Practice: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits

Big data was long thought to be the next gaming changing development in business. No one is arguing about the value big data can create but incorporating big data policies into a company can be problematic. A survey by the Business Application Research Center, analysed how some of the biggest...


Market Big Data to Unlock Your Potential

Whether you’re trying to expand your customer outreach or promote a new product, big data can help your business get the word out. With the management and analyzing power of big data, your business can discover which marketing strategy works best. When it comes to processing promotions, here are just...


Winning Over Big Data for Your Business

Big data analytics has the potential to do great things for businesses. It can help them achieve their goals by delivering valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes. Many businesses have joined the big data fray recently, but not all of them are getting the results they expect. While...


Big Data and the Small Business Owner

Big Data and the Small Business Owner As a business owner, ways to grow your business and streamline as you go make for welcome news. Big data can do both those things for your business. It’s easy to think that big data is just for the big players, multinationals and...