How to Choose Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring:

A nice flooring of the house can attract a lot of eyeballs. So, it has to be spik and span. The fashion of wooden flooring is quite in these days. People prefer it due to its uniqueness. Wooden flooring is available in a variety of grains, finishes, and coloring. It can add a historical outlook and character to your property. Due to the presence of various types of wooden flooring in the market, it may become difficult to decide which one is best and compatible with your style and budget. There are different types of wooden flooring materials available such as solid timber, engineered wood, and similar to it. Before choosing anyone it’s better to check the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Which wooden floor has more durability?

Durability is something that is mostly associated with solid wood. Hardwoods like maple, cherry, and oak are considered among the most durable species. Durability wise Hardwood flooring EL Paso TX also recommend these. These species are considered as most ideal ones for long-lasting looks, particularly in a busy household. However, these are the most expensive wooden flooring choices also. If you want to pick solid wood flooring options at a relatively less price you can pick Mahogany and Walnut. Bamboo and pine can also be very handy but they show scratches pretty quickly. If you can refinish and paint them when needed then these are a perfect choice. If not then you should better choose engineered wood flooring.

Different color schemes in wooden flooring:

One major advantage of timber wood flooring is that the look they create matches perfectly with most of the decorating styles, which allows you to achieve versatility while redecorating. However, the color of wood floorings should be based on more factors rather than just on your decorative schemes. Here are a few color schemes.

White and pale grey:

brown wooden floor

This color combination is mostly created with Ash, Beech, and Maple species. This color scheme is ideal for rooms with low traffic. The light color will virtually enhance the space in the small room. The wooden flooring of this color scheme usually reflects light however dirt and dents appear very quickly on these.

Warm and honey-toned:

living room with brown wooden parquet floor and white wall

This color scheme is achieved from oak and beech wood floors stained in honey tones. The flooring of this color creates a unique look with natural intrinsic patterns which disguise dirt sufficiently and provide a welcoming effect. Although this color scheme is less contemporary than paler wood flooring this mid-toned wood is just perfect to create a relaxed outlook.

Dark color wooden flooring:

white wooden door near brown wooden table

Dark stained wooden flooring is too good to create a formal and intimate feel. It’s also pretty handy to be used in industrial-style spaces for smart finishing if used as a backdrop to brighten up the light-colored furniture. For example, flooring of beech wood looks beautiful with a dark matt lacquer and oak with lighter colors along the grain can also improve the natural pattern.

How to choose wooden flooring?

Here are the key points which should be considered while choosing wooden flooring.

Selecting the wood type:

The wood used for wooden floorings mainly has two types. Solid wood and engineered wood floorings. Both are equally good and effective. Suitability varies according to the locality of installation. Apartments and basements with subfloors of concrete are more suitable for the installation of engineered flooring. However, solid wood flooring is mostly installed on one or two layers of plywood. It can raise the height of a floor and also interfere with the existing doors or slightly reduce the height of the ceiling. It’s better to consult an expert before choosing any type.

Selecting the type of finish:

There is a wide range of finishing products for this. Few of them are penetrating oil to oil like hybrids, site finish polyurethanes, and prefinished UV-cured urethane finishes. All these finishes fall into two main categories, oil, and polyurethane. Oil finishes penetrate the wood well and create a soft and natural look however, these are not as resistant to stains and damages as polyurethane. Polyurethane creates a hard topcoat on the wood surface and is less susceptible to wear and tear particularly for people with kids. Wood floors el Paso tx recommends that both the finishes are good but how they will last is depends on how you use your floor and how often maintenance takes place.

Choosing the grain pattern and plank width:

Due to the cutting of logs in different dimensions, there are different grain patterns in the wood used for flooring. Mostly hardwood flooring is solid because all the cutting patterns plain-sawn, rift, and quarter-sawn are mixed. According to experts, there is no good or bad when it comes to wood grains, choice mainly depends on the application and what you need. In a more rustic property plain sawn might be good while in a building located in city quarter sawed might suits more to g give a bit of lively touch. When it comes to deciding a plank width, although there is a standard size of seven inches.

Wider planks have more advantages because the wider planks will be used less will be seams in your floor but at the same time, wider planks are more expensive as well.

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