Stress-Free Flooring for Busy Lifestyles

In this hectic lifestyle, we barely have enough time to clean our homes and especially our floors. Many of us don’t even get sufficient time on weekends to properly clean a single room. When you have a family where everyone is busy in their routines, no one can do the big chore of cleaning the floors. Then why are you still looking for floors that are hard to clean and difficult to maintain. There are many flooring options you can choose from which offer much cheaper flooring installation and their cleanliness is dead easy, plus these floors need almost zero maintenance. So, here are some of the best stress-free floors that are perfect for busy lifestyle families.

Tiles Are One of The Best Flooring Options for Busy Families

The tile is unmatched in terms of durability. Tiles are the toughest, scratch-resistant, and waterproof flooring, ideal for hallways and other walkways. Enamel and ceramic are some of the most durable floor coverings and require little maintenance. Tiles are also resilient to humidity, making them the seamless choice for areas where spills are common, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Glassy tiles have a sealed surface that is also scratch and allergen resistant which is a huge plus for pet owners. Besides being extremely practical, the tile can be customized with a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, patterns, styles to suit any room, and several durable tile options to choose from.

Natural Stone Not Only Looks Good, But It Is Also Sturdy

Certain types of hard stone like granite and slate make excellent flooring for your kitchen. They have antibacterial properties, so spills are easily cleaned up without causing mold growth. They’re durable, resist damage and heat, and are easy to clean with a quick sweep or mop and when you don’t have time to clean, a marbled color design helps hide dirt.

While not as affordable as tile or vinyl, the beauty of a natural stone is unmatched and it’s worth the price. If you are looking for a low-maintenance flooring option with long-term benefits, natural stone tile is for you. In addition, you can also install matching countertops, to give your countertops the same properties, for a kitchen that requires little maintenance. all around.

A Carpet Is A Great Choice For A Busy Life

A carpet is one of the most praised flooring options for its style, coziness, and warmness, but it’s also a great option for busy and active families. For your bedroom and other places where comfort is important, you need some type of rug. But rugs take a lot of maintenance. They take a lot of effort to stay clean. How is a busy family supposed to maintain a presentable carpet floor? Well, it depends on what kind of carpet you have. First, go for a low battery. This means that the carpet fibers are shorter and closer to the floor, unlike plush or shag rugs, which are high piles.

Short fur/fiber is much easier to clean because dirt does not collect between the fibers. Now there are rugs specially designed to resist stains and dust. These stain and dust-resistant rugs are the perfect choices for families with kids and pets or anyone who doesn’t want to stress now and then over a food and drink spill. Regarding the material, the rugs are made of wool. Not only is it stain resistant, but it is also strong and durable, retaining its general shape under massive human trafficking.

Luxury Vinyl Is A Timeless Flooring you can opt for

If you are looking for something versatile that mixes the best of all worlds, then luxury vinyl flooring is an option to consider. It is durable, cheap, the installation is not difficult, and stress-free to clean. Luxury vinyl flooring is all the rage, as they like to say, and that’s because this incredibly durable and inexpensive flooring option is now more stylish than ever. It’s soft and comfortable on the feet, but less scratch-resistant than tile and concrete.

New technology has made luxury vinyl flooring more resistant to scratches and water. Additionally, luxury vinyl now comes in plank and tile form, allowing modern luxury vinyl flooring to closely mimic the look and feel of real stone and wood tile. Luxury vinyl is specially designed for heavy foot traffic, and vinyl flooring will still last for 12 to 23 years or even longer if you take a little care of it. All you need is just to hire flooring contractors and install luxury vinyl floors.

Engineered Hardwood Is One Of The Strongest

Love the look of hardwood floors, but worried about possible scratches and scuffs? Consider installing engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood has a strong core, making it a great choice for busy Southport families. The floor can withstand the constant flow of activities happening in your home. One thing you will need to keep in mind is that Engineered Hardwood is not easy to install and you will need to hire experienced flooring contractors.

Although engineered wood is more expensive than laminate, it is more affordable than traditional hardwood floors. Whether you opt for solid wood or engineered hardwood, new technologies have made modern hardwood floors more durable than ever. The dense construction of engineered hardwood means it won’t bend or bounce from wet or cold weather and is ideal for a variety of climates. Regular maintenance is fairly easy and a simple sweep or dry mop works great.

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