How To Play with Different Color Combinations for Couch Covers

When working with home décor ideas, you need to start from the scratch. If the living room is your first choice, you can begin with changing the couch cover. Whether the couch is highly functional or a showpiece, you can work on plenty of fabrics. A couch is undoubtedly the focal point of a room, so you need to work on the colors.

Role of colors:

Whether you are getting another couch for the living room or need to change the cover of the existing couch, the role of color is vital. Most people devote time on selecting the fabric of the cover and regret about choosing the wrong shade.  On the other hand, while choosing the color of the new couch cover, you can work on the existing shads or hues close to it.

Working on the colors:

Even before you finalize the shade of the couch cover, it is necessary to analyze the following color options.

  • A hint of brown or tan on the couch is one of the most preferred options to go with when choosing the cover, especially if you want to match it with a brown center table or wooden floors.
  • Blending white and brown colors is almost like coffee and cream. So, you can get a white cover with a hint of brown and match it up with a bright-colored carpet.
  • If you want to add depth to the décor of the living room, using a combination of grey and dark blue creates a bold statement, especially for timber furniture.
  • Blending aqua with light blue makes it so comforting for the eyes and especially good for living rooms with glass tables and décor items.

Apart from the options mentioned above, you can choose your shade from the color palette but make sure the colors create a pretty picture.

Factors to consider:

The couch is one of the most prominent furniture pieces of the living room, so you need to focus on its visual effect. If you are the one to play with colors, here are the factors on which to focus.

  • Researching the options

Before you select the color of the cover, sit down and think over several options of couch covers especially if you want to add character to the furniture. Therefore, the shade you choose need to make the couch a center piece for the living room.

  • Choosing from the primary shades

When selecting the shades of couch covers, you can be experimental but a better option is to select from chromatic colors. You can also combine the analog shades. If the couch matches with the rest of the room décor, such as the curtains and the furniture, you can select a similar shade to create equilibrium.

  • Complementary shades

The couch cover may also have contrasting shades to create an energetic feeling in the room and to make it livelier. However, the colors for a couch cover in the living room needs to vastly differ from the bed room.

What to remember:

If you are not working on a showpiece sofa, try to stick to neutral shades but try to select the right option as the color of the couch cover needs to integrate nicely with the rest of the color objects in the room.

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