Top 10 Moving Tips and Suggestions

A new phase of your life starts when you move to a new place but the shifting period is quite a roller-coaster ride in itself. While leaving your old house, neighborhood and friends is quite emotional, packing all your stuff is no fun either as it can get quite hectic. 

However, by following some easy moving tips and tricks, you can make the entire process easier and if you live in Rhodes Island, movers Providence, RI can come to your rescue and help you in packing and moving. Here are 10 handy tips that you can use when moving to a new place.

moving tips to a new place
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#1 Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

One of the best times to declutter your house and get rid of unnecessary belongings is when you’re packing to move to a new place. From heavy furniture to old clothing and outdated fittings, donate everything your new house won’t have a place for or you simply don’t need anymore. This will ensure that you have both less to pack and move, making your life a lot easier.

#2 Recycle Old Cartons as Moving Boxes

Why spend your money on new cardboard boxes when you can get free cartons from your nearby recycling points and use them to store your packed stuff. You will not only save money but also get optimal storage space by getting your hands on cartons of the right size.

#3 Store Appliances in their Original Boxes

Talking about recycled boxes, make sure to store your appliances and electronics in their original packing boxes if you still have them. This will ensure that they fit in the boxes perfectly, reducing the chances of bearing any damage, while saving you from the hassle of finding more storage boxes.

#4 Stack Up Smartly

Store heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes so that the weight distribution can be balanced. This will ensure that the boxes do not break/ tear under the weight of the stored items while making it easier to maneuver the boxes around. Also, stack the heaver boxes towards the front of the moving truck to maintain the vehicle’s balance.

#5 Label The Boxes

Instead of mixing things from different rooms in the same box, use the same box to house all the items belonging to the same room. This will ensure that packing and unpacking is hassle-free. Provide extra protection to fragile items by packing them between pillows. Also, label each of the boxes according to the room it is destined for so that the movers know where to place each of the box. Moreover, for boxes that hold fragile items, make sure to clearly put a “Handle With Care” label on them so that special care is taken while moving them.

#6 Choose The Moving Date Wisely

The moving date you choose has a major impact on the entire process in terms of the pricing and services you get. Moving companies typically charge higher at the start and end of every month and on weekends due to high demand. Hence, it’s better to select a moving date during the middle of the month on one of the weekdays.

#7 Pack Moving Day Essentials Separately

Make a list of all the essential things you may need on the moving day including medications, toiletries,  important clothing, and shoes. This will ensure that you have everything you need to survive the day. These will also come in handy in case the move gets delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances and all your important things are packed away.

#8 Stock Door Stoppers With Yourself

No matter if you’re moving out of your old house or moving into your new one, you would want the doors to remain open so that the boxes can be moved around easily. For this purpose, it’s a good idea to keep door stoppers with yourself so that you don’t have to manually open the doors every time you need to pass through them.

#9 Flatten And Store The Cardboard Boxes For Future

You never know when you might have to move to a new place. To save you from the hassle of finding new storage boxes the next time you need to shift, it’s a good idea to flatten all the boxes when you’re done unpacking and store them for use in the future.

#10 Keep Yourself Hydrated

Given the plethora of tasks you have at your hand during a move, it’s completely normal to forget simple things like having enough water. However, it’s extremely important to take care of yourself and keep yourself hydrated so that you can manage everything smoothly. So make sure to drink plenty of water on the day of the move (especially if it’s hot outside) and pack some bottled water for your movers as well.

We understand that leaving your old house and moving to a new place is quite overwhelming but by following the above mentioned tips, you can stop worrying about the shifting part and focus on saying your goodbyes.

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