Four Mistakes You Should Never Make When Packing Boxes for Your Move

Moving to a new place is a struggle. There are so many items that people need to carry from their previous place to the new one. Earlier, it was more difficult to pack the stuff as there were no proper packing boxes available easily. But, now there are several online stores where people can get these packing boxes and start their packing. Still, packing isn’t easy. In fact, it’s considered the hardest part of moving. But, it’s important to pack everything efficiently to avoid any damages to the valuable belongings and reduce the strain. Plus, if one packs these things improperly, it will increase his workload in the end. After all, this is an important skill to have while moving to a new house. Unfortunately, most people make mistakes while packing these boxes and tend to suffer later on. With these things in mind, it’s important for people to avoid the common mistakes while packing the boxes so that things remain easy when they finally move into the new house. Let’s take a look at the list of common mistakes that most people make and how one should avoid them.

  • Not Choosing The Right Boxes

The first and foremost important thing before moving to a new house is to buy the right amount of packing boxes of ideal sizes. Without following this step, things will get messy as there will be a shortage of space to pack the stuff. There are several online stores available for packing boxes in NYC and other places. It’s prudent to check the online stores than offline to avoid wasting the time. A lot of people make this serious moving mistake of not choosing the right boxes. Sometimes, they also face difficulty in calculating the total number of boxes they need for packing all their stuff. Generally, it would be a better idea if one buys the packing boxes for separate rooms, for instance, 10 boxes for kitchen, 5 for dining room, and so on. This will help to pack efficiently and stay out of the mess. On average, people may need around sixty boxes for a mid-sized two-bedroom home. This will help everyone to assess the total number of boxes they may need for packing all the stuff. After all, no one wants to end up having a shortage of space in the midst of packing. Also, along with the quantity, people should take note of the size of the box to avoid facing any hassle while packing. 

  • Not Letting Go Of Things

It’s understandable that there are a lot of memories attached to a place where one has lived for years. But, it doesn’t mean that he should take all these things to the new home and make it congested. After all, buying new things for the new home is one of those first things people do after moving in. So, one must avoid the mistakes of not letting go of certain things. The ideal is to pull out the things that they don’t need any more and throw them away. Else, there are a lot of non-profit organizations for kids where people can donate their clothes, toys, and other items. This will reduce wastage and bring joy to other’s life. In case, the items aren’t denotable; these can be recycled or thrown away. But, it’s prudent to donate as much as one can to reduce wastage. But, packing every unnecessary thing and bringing them to the new home is a serious mistake that everyone must avoid. 

  • Not Wrapping The Items

Packing the valuables isn’t easy. There will be certain items that may require extra care while packing so that they don’t break easily. But, a majority of people ignore wrapping these items properly before packing them. This is one of the serious mistakes that people make while packing the valuable items. This can damage the item while transporting them to the new house. Especially, fragile and sharp items require proper wrapping before packing them into the boxes. There are several ways to pack these items. People can use air-filled plastic padding, packing paper, or even plastic wrap to prevent these valuables from getting damaged throughout the moving process. 

  • Not Naming The Boxes Properly 

One of the major mistakes that people make while packing is that they don’t name or label the boxes properly. This becomes a serious problem when it comes to unpacking the boxes as no one knows what’s inside the box. So, it takes a lot of time to unpack and organize the items in the new home. The best practice is to label the boxes properly so that it takes only a little amount of time to unpack and organize the items in a new home. 

These are some of the serious mistakes to avoid while packing. People must conduct enough research before choosing these moving boxes from online stores to make sure they purchase quality boxes only. 


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