What Differs Best Inc From It Competitors?

To say there are millions of people in this world, but not all of them look the same, dress the same, or think the same, right? In times of need, a person who is very close to you might not help, but a person who is just a casual friend would go that extra mile to resolve your issues. People who fall in the second category deserve our respect, and so is Best Inc. Now you may think why we mentioned a company name out of the blue here. 

Best Inc is a leading solder training and PCB rework/repair company based in Illinois, US. They offer solder training to uncertified technicians, sell useful electronic products, and manufacture unique inventories that facilitate PCB design and development. They have a great team of industry-experienced and IPC-certified soldering technicians that can perform several complicated tasks like PCB repair/rework or BGA repair/reballing perfectly. Before you ask, let me tell you that PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, IPC stands for Institute of Printed Circuits, and BGA is the short form of Ball Grid Array.  

What can they do for you? 

1 – Deliver items as small as stencils at even 9 pm. However, expectations beyond that would be cumbersome for them. 

2 – Recommend solutions from others to help customers fix their ongoing issues. 

3 – Help you with specifications to purchase new items or replace different parts in machines. 

4 – Provide you with the best solder training either at your facility or theirs. 

5 – Understand your pain points related to PCBs and sort them out at the earliest. 

What products they have for PCB repair/rework? 

Best Inc has developed a range of items for the rework and repair of printed circuit boards. Let’s see some of them in the pointers below: 

1 – StencilQuik(TM)   

This product is mainly used for placing the ball grid arrays on integrated circuits in a fast and straightforward manner. 

2 – EzReball(TM) 

It is mainly used to perform reballs on available sizes of materials. 

3 – StencilMate(TM)  

This is perhaps the most helpful inventory used to rework leadless devices and efficiently. 

4 – HeatShields (TM)   

It is a very flexible and practical material that is used to shield various components. Its primary purpose is to withstand high-temperature shielding components in the areas where rework activity is going on.  

What is the specialty of the Best? 

The Best is globally known for offering best-in-class solder training sessions that are based on IPC certification programs. The kind of flexibility they provide to students for learning purposes is entirely unparalleled. Whether you want to study online or offline, they have adequate resources to meet your needs. You can get trained in the desired fields except a few by sitting at home and attending online classes.  

What else will blow your mind that they also have a Mobile Training Center to teach students at their facility. Opting for this option is good when you can’t travel to their location for the reasons best known to you. Their mobile training center is equipped with all the necessary tools and resources required to train students. Of course, the best thing about a mobile training center is that you will have an experienced instructor very close to you who will teach you the concepts very nicely. But, that’s not all. They will also help you gain hands-on experience with solder training with the tools available there. That means you can self-do soldering without any hassle, and the instructor will guide you through the process.  

However, if you are interested in online training, check with them about the courses they offer for the same. Because solder training is not a certification program that can be taught online. Students need to practice soldering themselves so that they can become perfect at it. Apart from that, you need to note down that you need to complete and pass all their examinations to receive a valid certificate. This is compulsory as they want to ensure that the student has learned the subject thoroughly and can perform the related tasks with ease.  

Concluding lines   

Learning a new skill every day is what I think every person across the globe should strive for. Though it isn’t possible to learn a new skill every day, aiming for the same could surprise results. So if you are a soldering geek who likes to achieve expertise in the same, you must go for soldering training classes from the Best. They have several seasoned educators with relevant experience in the industry who can train you in the best possible way. You can learn the acceptability and requirements of printed boards and cable and wire harness assemblies, not just solder training. 


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