Top 4 Things You Need to Look for in an IPC Hand Soldering Training Program

Do you know that electronic hiring companies always want to team up with the best manufacturing partners to create their products? With the term “best” here, we mean companies that produce high-quality electronic products that function well and last for years. Since there are scores of electronics that consist of printed circuit boards, it is imperative to ensure that it is reliable and durable. But the question is, how can you get assured that the PCBs you are assembling in your electronic items are of top grade? For that, you need to check the quality of surface-mounted components on your PCBs, their connections, and the solder deposition on various joints. But when it comes to soldered electricals, how can you inspect their longevity if you are not well-informed about the correct soldering process? That’s where the need to attend one of the IPC Hand Soldering Training program arises.

In the hand-soldering course, your technicians will learn how to solder the wires and components on a printed circuit board correctly. Not just that, they will also get deeper insights into materials required for hand soldering and learn lead-free and with-lead soldering. Now let’s see what you need to look for in an IPC hand soldering training program:

  1. Syncs well with industry standards

Do you know that IPC is a global association for electronics manufacturing that defines the standards for different processes? Be it electronics assemblies, cable and wire harness assemblies, or soldering requirements, they have well-organized standards for all of them, including numbers, visuals, and texts.

So, when you consider partnering with a solder training institute, make sure that IPC recognizes them. It will show your potential hiring companies that your employees have the necessary skills to perform hand soldering effectively. Thus, they will give you their electronic item manufacturing projects, resulting in increased credibility and higher revenue.

  1. Offers hands-on skills development sessions

If some of your operators are new to soldering, you need to find a soldering training company that provides hands-on training in the lab. It doesn’t mean that in-class theoretical sessions are not essential; they are, but focusing more on lab activities will help them hone their soldering skills to a great extent.

Usually, the IPC hand soldering training institutes offer hands-on skills sessions for topics like soldering, inspection, repair and rework, and cable and wire harness assembly. To get a valid IPC recognized certificate in hand soldering, your workers will need to learn all these skills and demonstrate them before their examiners when required.

  1. Provides a Mobile Training Center

When you are seeking the best soldering training firm in Chicago, you need to check with them whether they have a mobile training center or not. If you don’t know what a mobile training center is, we must inform you that it is a heavy vehicle converted into lab-cum-classroom for hand soldering training. You will find all the equipment required to perform PCB repair or rework tasks in this massive vehicle.

For instance, you will see soldering kits, microscopes, and a professional instructor inside this vehicle who will teach you how to do soldering. If you think that’s all, it’s not, because it also has a music system, air conditioning and heaters, and a big screen to show your personnel necessary visuals associated with how to perform and inspect soldering.

Do you know why taking advantage of a mobile training center should be your priority? It’s because your employees can save traveling expenses by not going to a remote solder training center. An MTC vehicle can come to your place, and the onboard professional instructor will train them.

  1. Enable you to become a certified trainer

What else you must know is that the soldering training is not just for operators or technicians. You can also train your quality auditors, product inspectors, or trainers to ensure only quality gadgets come out of your factory. IPC has authorized several hand soldering training corporations to teach your senior executives to become certified trainers.

Generally, seasoned technicians participate in such programs that enable them to train their industry colleagues or junior-level executives. Throughout the soldering training, the candidates will sift through open and closed book lessons. When it gets completed, they will get an IPC certificate, making them eligible to train other students in CIS certification.


We hope you know what you should look for in an IPC soldering training course and how it will get you more electronics manufacturing projects down the line. Electronic items could be anything like mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and many more. So, if you want to prepare a team of certified soldering professionals, collaborating with a premier soldering training institute will work wonders.


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