5 Reasons to Study for an Online Degree

Online degrees are more popular than they’ve ever been. They’re flexible, often much cheaper than their bricks and mortar equivalents, and there’s a degree for everybody. In addition, online institutions frequently offer a much wider choice than elsewhere, and you can take your first steps into education regardless of the level you’re at.

#1 You want to change your career

This is one of the main reasons that people pursue online study. If you’re eager to switch careers or move into an entirely different area, then an online degree like those offered at Merrimack will give you the qualification you need. That’s especially true for people who have been on the same career path for some time. They might lack the qualifications and specialization required elsewhere, but an online degree acts as a kind of “soft reset,” making you well placed to move.

#2 You want a promotion

In much the same vein as the previous entry, online degrees are extremely helpful if you’re looking to get promoted within your current career. There’s often a “qualification ceiling” that dictates who gets promoted, but by earning a new qualification, you’ll be better placed to climb to the next level. More than just giving you a new qualification, though, online degrees show dedication and commitment. If an employee is willing to put aside a portion of their spare time to study and develop, then they’re clearly a viable candidate for promotion.

#3 You want to finish a previous degree

Many people are forced to abandon their college degrees halfway through. There are lots of reasons that this might be the case, perhaps due to a change in finances or commitments elsewhere. Whatever the cause, many online institutions now offer degrees geared specifically towards finishing what you started. Aside from the clear psychological benefit of not letting all your hard work go to waste, finishing a degree gives you the qualification you wanted in the first place. That can open up all kinds of opportunities.

#4 You want to start your own business

Business owners require more than just degrees and qualifications. They need skills including time management, problem-solving, and that all-important entrepreneurial spirit. An online degree will provide some of these, but the act of studying is also crucial. Managing your spare time and balancing home/work life with study has a lot in common with running a business, especially in the early days. Starting a new business from scratch is hard work, but the grounding of an online degree will set you up for the challenges to come.

#5 You want to learn a new skill

Perhaps the simplest (and most overlooked!) reason to study online is to broaden your knowledge base. There’s nothing wrong with education for education’s sake and, even if you don’t have a specific endpoint in mind, you can still benefit from finding a degree you’re interested in. This has the additional benefit of often being less stressful. Even if you’re studying purely for fun, the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of an online degree can be truly life-changing.

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