What You Need to Know About Click Type and Digital Torque Wrench?

When it comes to the mechanics of your car, nothing is more important than your safety. That is why you should always ensure that the bolts of your car are torqued to the required specification. Even though not all bolts come with inbuilt torque specs from the producer many shops deal with a digital torque wrench in India. Such shops can help you with everything you need not only for the proper functioning of the vehicle but for your safety and that of other occupants.

digital torque wrench

As you deal with more cars, you will find yourself in more situations where you need to use a torque wrench. It is there for you to understand different types to torque wrench so that you know which one is best for which kind of job. Two popular kinds of torque wrenches are available in the market, the first is the click type torque wrench and the other one is the digital torque wrenches also known as electronic torque wrenches. Deciding between the two can be difficult and might require the input of other people who have previously dealt with a digital torque wrench in India, but you will get better with experience. Below is everything you should know about this important equipment.

Click Type Torque Wrench

Both click type and digital torque wrenches are at per when it comes to accuracy. This means that both of them are quite suitable for auto-mechanics. The main differences arise in terms of scale visibility. Cost, reliability, torque settings and maintenance.


In terms of scale click types are fitted with a mechanical scale that is calibrated in metric and SAE units. The scale is used to set the wrench which is done by rotating the handle until it reaches the required setting. Click types torque wrenches are also cheaper due to their simplicity compared to their electronic counterparts. Their simplicity also makes then highly reliable considering that there are only fewer parts that can fail. Another advantage of click types torque wrenches over digital ones comes in terms of maintenance. The fact that click types are not powered by a battery makes then easier to maintain.


One of the main problems of using a click-type torque wrench is that it is difficult to set it precisely. This is largely because the scale is intuitive enough especially for people who do not have experience. However, even experienced users may have a difficult time reading the scale if there is insufficient lighting or the wrench is covered in things such as oil or other material that may obscure accurate readings. Another thing to be worried about is being able to return the reading to the minimum setting. The minimum setting is important because it helps ease the tension in the springs.

Digital Torque Wrenches


Digital torque wrenches perform the same function as click types. However, you can easily read the figures on the scale and also adjust settings at a simple touch of a button. It is therefore easy to read and understand compared to rotating the handle of click types. Digital torque wrenches also come with additional features such as audible sound, LED lights and a vibrating handle that helps to inform the user is they have attained their desired setting.

Besides the general features, digital torque wrenches come with other additional features that make your work much easier. Such features include a warning system that tells you if you are about to reach your torque settings, this is important because it helps to avoid over-torqueing while fastening the bolt. Another great advantage is that they can measure the torque in five different sets of units such as inch-pounds., foot-pounds among others. Generally, digital torque wrenches lead to a better user experience compared to the click type.


Due to several additional features that come with digital torque wrenches, it is important to pay attention to it. First, you have to pay attention to the battery to ensure longer battery life and that the equipment is powered on every time you need it. The additional features are not also for free, this means that you will have to incur a substantial initial cost.

Generally, there are instances when you will be required to use the common click-type torque wrench and there are others where you will be required to use the digital model. For instance, click-type torque wrenches are perfect if you are working on a shoestring budget. They are also ideal for people who don’t like paying too much attention to detail and are not good with maintenance. However, if you are looking for something more convenient with the best features to increase your efficiency then digital torque wrench is your best bet. They are also the best choice if you work in an environment with low light such as working at odd hours.

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