WordPress development tips and practices

Do you want to learn how to create a WordPress website development in this article you will read about the same?

The best part is that you don’t need any coding experience or huge Investments for WordPress development and I can guarantee you that that after reading this article you will be able to create your own WordPress website without any issues. So, without further Ado, let’s jump into creating your WordPress website.

All right, so first things first for your WordPress is you’re going to need hosting and for this you can use hosting your.com. So, once you’re here you want to scroll down until you see all available shared hosting plans for your tutorial. Always use premium shared hosting plan because with this blind you are going to get unlimited number of websites.

It’s going to be very useful in the future. If you will decide to host multiple projects or websites using this hosting as well. You’ll get unlimited email accounts bandwidth and besides that you’ll get free SSL certificate with a demeaning. So, you have to select a package. All right. So, the next thing which we have to do is select a domain name. Besides hosting package, you need to focus on SSL security. Many hosting providers now include a single SSL certificate in their hosting package. However, if you have many subdomains then, you can think of wildcard certificate. There are many wildcard SSL brands available like Sectigo wildcard, AlphaSSL wildcard, GlobalSign wildcard etc that can fulfill your requirement.

So just enter the domain name and do check if that’s available.

I highly recommend you to select.com because it’s the most popular.

WordPress development tips and practices 1

The next thing which is quite important. You want to select this option by selecting this option. You will hide your personal information of your domain name. So, it’s quite important and it’s just going to cost you five dollars per year.

And the next thing which we can do is let’s add a coupon code. Let’s use a coupon code h8n to get 10% discount of your hosting. Let’s click apply.

 Now log in to your Hosting account and home section.

So, let’s start by setting up our domain name. Let’s click setup right Corner you will have to enter your information such as your name your last name addresses it and so on. So just do that. Once you have finished doing this just click set up. So the next thing which you have to do is set up our hosting so let’s go

Let’s click Start. Now. Let’s choose a domain name. Let’s click select is going to build a new website and let’s select WordPress here. You will have to create an account for your WordPress website. You will use this email address and password to login to your dashboard of WordPress. So, once you have added a password click continue and click,

let’s select a template for our website. If you want you can click right on template to show more and there you will see all available templates. Let’s click show more as you can.

wordpress development 2

 See, we have a lot of different templates available for our website.

Now we have to install SSL certificate. So, let’s click manage site as you can see right there at the top. It says the main status not pointing to our name servers so don’t worry about it. It might take about couple of hours until this domain name.

Starts pointing to our hosting so just a little bit of time refreshes this page and the message should disappear. All right after you have waited some time and you refresh this page; you shouldn’t see this message anymore.

That means we can install SSL certificate. So let’s scroll down and let’s select SSL.  let’s click setup and let’s click activate. Now. All we have to do is just click install. All right, now when SSL certificate installed. you can see, this is how a Website looks down and it looks white.

A good but it has a lot of demo content which might not be useful for our website so we can change anything we want. So first of all, we have to login to your WordPress dashboard and to do this you want to go to your URL and add /web – admin click enter and here you have to enter the credentials which we created previously to log into our WordPress website and you can select a remember me and click login.  so, the very first thing which we can do is we can go to the home page.

Let’s click on visit site. And as you can see here in the top navigation menu, we have five different pages so we can identify which Pages we would like to keep and which pages to be would like to delete or rename.

You can change the pages. Let’s go to the dashboard and all settings related to Pages add done right here. Let’s select all pages. And as you can see there, we have the list of all available pages so we can change about me. Let’s click quick edit and let’s change it to contact us. Once you have finished doing this and click update and let’s decide which Pages we are not going to use.

So when you just finished your naming all the pages and now we can add another page which will be named the blog and it will be used to display our blog post. So let’s add a title. Let’s name it blog. Once you have done this. Let’s click publish. Let’s click publish and now we can go back to the dashboard.

 So, as you can see now you have all the pages which you need.

wordpress development 3

So, the next thing which we should do is we have to set this blog page to display our blog post. So, to do this you want to go to the settings section and let’s select breathing.

So, in this section is again see our home page is set to display a page called home and for both pages, let’s select block and let’s click save changes. So, since you are in the settings section, you can do another very important setting which is right here permalinks and let’s select to show post name. This is quite important for SEO. So, let’s click save changes.

Almost done with pages, but now we have to do some adjustments in menus. Let’s go to appearance. That’s click menus. And here is you can see since we deleted publication page.

And now we can go back to our home page and let’s see how everything looks alright, so as you can see now, we have all the needed base.  We will be able to access our blog post. So, once you add more blog posts, everything will be displayed right here.

 So, the next thing which we can do we can start customizing our films. So, to do this if you have to click right There customized and let’s start by changing the logo. Let’s click edit and let’s select change logo. You can just go to select from the media library.

The images are media files. You can do this by going right here upload files. All right, you can resize the logo to make it a little bit smaller.

 There are more customization options available. Don’t be afraid to test everything yourself this way. You’ll learn how to use WordPress even better. Alright, we can close this customization Tab and the next thing which we can do is we can start editing our homepage. So, since all pages are built with Elementor. We will have to edit them using Elementary. So, to edit this page you will have to click right here.so you can see you edited your home page rest of the pages you can edited the same way.

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