Top 5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Businesses Need a Mobile App

Mobile applications or mobile apps are transforming the business world at a greater pace. In the age of mobile phones when people live, eat, breathe information for personal and business purposes, mobile apps are speedily making inroads to their lives 24×7. In the US alone,96 percent of adults own a mobile phone. The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the shift to e-commerce, with mobile apps being at the ­­­center stage. There’s been a massive surge in e-commercing shopping via mobile apps across the globe. Consumers, b2b e-commerce, b2c e-commerce, all are favoring mobile apps for business. Let’s see the top reasons why e-commerce businesses need a mobile app for successful outcomes.

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1. Trending Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is trending today. Mobile-app-based businesses are increasing sales in the e-commerce industry. You can check your sales profile; which devices your customers have been using the most? You will get the obvious answer. Consumers around the world are shopping online over e-commerce platforms using smartphones, tablets, mobile phones. Mobile apps are their favorite shopping medium. Mobile devices, mobile apps account for 67 % of all e-commerce sales on a global basis. Mobile commerce allows consumers to buy products, do shopping from anywhere, anytime easily, conveniently.

2. Consumers’ Preference for  Mobile Apps

78% of consumers prefer to buy products/services from an e-commerce mobile app. They prefer to shop using mobile apps for e-commerce rather than go to the website browser and do it. So, if you are an e-commerce retailer, own an e-commerce business, build your e-commerce mobile app to generate greater revenues seeing the consumers’ preference for mobile apps.

3. Gaining Competitive Edge

Consumers like to shop over mobile apps. They don’t want to browse through varied websites and collect information rather they want the information to come to them directly. This is the advantage of mobile app in the e-commerce business. If you are an e-commerce company, want to launch your exquisite mobile app, you should consult a leading mobile app development company in India and see how your business starts growing steadily. Today, the mobile app is a necessity to sustain and thrive in e-commerce businesses in retail or any industry. Listen to your customers and how their consuming behavior has shifted towards mobile app-based shopping and other activities. You will gain competitive advantages over your peer, connecting to your target audience seamlessly!

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4. High Conversions                                   

Usually, people spend more time on mobile phones than starting a PC and browsing through e-commerce websites for business, for shopping, and the likes. According to reports from trusted sources, mobile-app based e-commerce businesses are likely to reach the greater chunks of the target audience and connect with them. The ensuing talks, conversations, communications via e-commerece mobile apps increases the probability of their conversions. People find e-commerce mobile apps comfortable to use and interact with their user-friendly interface. They don’t think much about placing an order when they are on a mobile app because they get what they want within seconds and without hassles.In fact, consumers see 286% more products/items when they are on an e-commerce mobile app, and end up adding them to the cart at an incredible 85% higher rate than they might do via mobile web-browsers.

5. Personalized Shopping

If you want to attract more customers to your e-commerce business, you need to create a personalized shopping facility for them. Allow your customers to feel special by offering them persona offers, customized to their specific requirements. This is how a quality e-commerce mobile app can do to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences, eventually enhancing your business outcomes. You can think of custom signs up, can cater to them based on demographic details, and monitor their shopping behaviors, consuming trends over social media platforms, etc. This will lead you to create personalization of their shopping needs and delivery from your part to them.


As per recent statistics, the rate of the abandoned shopping cart on a mobile app is 20 % while on desktop sites, it is 68%. You can derive the consequences. People, consumers, customers just love to interact with their mobile apps and do the shopping of their choice- based products from favorite e-commerec stores. So, you need to decide now how soon you can create your e-commerce mobile app for your e-commerce business. The best idea is to contact a mobile app development company who can guide you from the scratch,viz. building AI-ML-based e-commerce mobile app that can integrate with your current business eco-space. Remember, digital is the keyword, and digital tools and technologies are the major drivers behind mobile app development for any business!

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