12 Time Management Strategies For Your Job Search

Have you ever experienced feeling like you have too much to do, and not enough time to do it? If your answer to this is yes (which it likely is), have you tried using time management techniques to work faster?

time management

While your answer to this is also likely yes, it can be difficult to find a time management technique that is right for you. This is because different personality styles require different time management tactics — for example, someone who is an agricultural food scientist producing new findings will likely balance their time differently than a startup entrepreneur. So how can we expect different types of people to all use the same techniques for managing time?

Here, we discuss different time management strategies based on your personality type. Whether you are an outgoing extrovert or a quiet analytical thinker, you can find a time management strategy that is right for you. 

For example, more introverted personality types might benefit from using the Eisenhower principle, which groups tasks into 4 segments: important, urgent, not urgent, and not important. Since introverted people are likely more organized by nature, this is a way for them to break down their overall schedule into more digestible and actionable pieces. Instead of seeing a giant to-do list for the day and starting wherever you can divide up the list to prioritize what is most important. 

Another great example is the Eat That Frog technique for extroverts. Since extroverts are a bit less organized and prefer to “go with the flow”, this technique suggests completing the tasks you like the least first thing in the day and finishing off with things you enjoy the most. This is great for people who struggle with discipline — you can beat the midday slump by having things to look forward to after lunch, rather than dreading the work you put off at the beginning of the day. 

With so many people searching for jobs right now, having a strategy for managing your time during job hunting is essential. Job hunting can be tiring, so approaching with a plan of attack can help you make a daunting task feel more manageable. 

Whether you are creating your resume or preparing for interviews, staying on top of your job search is essential to succeed. For more time management strategies for each personality type, check out the infographic below. 

time management

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