5 Launch Party Ideas for Your Startup

You’ve put in sleepless nights, passion, energy, and all the groundwork needed to create a startup business. Now it’s time to debut your business and celebrate its launch. But where to begin? Organizing a launch party requires a decent amount of thought and planning. Don’t worry if party planning isn’t one of your strong suits. Take a look at the ideas below for inspiration on throwing a launch party.

Pick a venue

Where you host your launch party sets the vibe and tone of the event. When picking a venue, you want an event space that aligns with your brand and the launch party theme. If you are looking for an industrial space for rent to host your launch party, Warehouse Spaces has you covered. Their team of industrial real estate specialists can help you find the perfect warehouse space, distribution center, or commercial property for rent.

With thousands of new listings available, you can browse for warehouses based on square footage, amenities, conference rooms, and more. Their agents will negotiate the best deals between landlord and tenant, and best of all, their tenant broker services are free. With a wide range of available space, using Warehouse Spaces is the easiest way to find a new space for your business.

Get creative with color

Get creative with your color palette and use it wisely. Tastefully include your product’s signature colors in the event space to avoid going overboard. Walking into a room blanketed with the same color everywhere isn’t inviting or aesthetically pleasing. Opt for neutral colors as a base for table linens and incorporate pops of color with centerpieces, lighting, and other decors.

Invite the right people

Think about who you are creating the event for and who you hope will attend. Friends and family should be invited to your launch party, but you do need to invite exclusive guests, too. Having a degree of exclusivity will add refinement to your launch party and hopefully generate positive networking conversations. Networking is an effective way to get more of the right people to attend your launch event and generate brand awareness.

Create swag bags

People love to receive free things, which is why creating swag bags is important for your launch party. A memorable swag bag includes something edible and decadent, something that’s good for the community, something practical or useful, and a gift card to a local business. Instead of using branded reusable totes, opt for a craft bag made of recycled materials.

Swag bags need a certain wow-factor that will make guests remember your brand every time they see the bag. False eyelashes and lash extensions are a glamorous way to add drama to your makeup look. Consider giving lash kits that offer an alternative to traditional false lashes and lash glue. Glamenetic has a lash system of magnetic eyeliner lashes that feature a strip of magnets that affix to a special magnetic liner. Their value sets and lash combo are a great introduction for beginners new to eyelash extensions.

Each set of magnetic eyelashes features a lash strip with small magnets to fit seamlessly on your lash line. Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner along your upper lash line and apply the magnetic lash strip on top of the eyeliner. The magnetic lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes and can be dramatized with mascara. Before applying any liner to your eyelid, test it on your hand to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

Once you remove the lash strip, use a gentle makeup remover on a cotton swab to remove the liner from your eyes and clean the lash band. Place the lash strip back in the magnetized tray to keep form so that you can use them again. Imagine the surprise and intrigue on your guests’ faces when they open a swag bag to find Glamnetic eyelashes inside.

Keep guests busy

Keep guests busy with interactive launch party ideas. Set up samples of self-care items for men and women that guests can try. Featuring products from small, local businesses and grassroots brands 1) supports other businesses, and 2) gives your guests an interesting and memorable experience.

No matter what you incorporate into your launch party, the key to a successful event is to stay true to your brand. All it takes is a little time, effort, energy, and creativity.

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