Hotels & Influencer Marketing

It is difficult to ignore influencer marketing because so many people are talking about the concept right now in the marketing space.

Influencer marketing is something that has grown prolifically in the last number of years and is probably at its peak right now. Influencer marketing allows brands to target specific segments of an individual’s followers when they might otherwise be unable to get in front of them.

These “influencers” are now making a living from this as brands pay a fee to be featured in their feed/story. Individuals who follow the influencers on social media place a level of trust in the influencers and so the hope is that the followers will want to buy the product/service that the influencer recommends. The question is does this translate into hotel marketing? Already at this stage, many hotels have bought into the practice and are actively carrying out various projects with what they see as relevant influencers. It’s important though that marketers don’t just create ties and pay money to influencers without knowing the expected reach and return and of course it all should be heavily measured once the campaign is finished. The guys at The Dunloe have put together this infographic below which examines the whole area of influencer marketing from the point of view of the hotelier. Check out the full details below.

Hotels & Influencer Marketing 1



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