While Facebook marketing is becoming more mainstream, many people are ignoring how powerful Instagram can be as a marketing tool. This infographic from M2 On Hold takes you through how your business can take advantage of what is an untapped resource for many businesses. It’s hard to comprehend why only 36% of marketers are using Instagram when 93% use Facebook. What makes this stat even more surprising is the fact that the engagement rate on Instagram is so much better than Facebook.

So, how should you go about marketing on Instagram? Setting up a basic profile for your business shouldn’t cause too much difficulty, so this is the first step! You have to start somewhere so get this done and then you can start thinking about how you’re going to effectively utilize the platform to grow your business.

This infographic should help you to figure out how your business should be presented on Instagram but it will take a little thought of your own to decide what’s right for your own business. Read more now!