Why World-Class Web Design Matters

One second. That’s probably how long it took you to read the first two words of this post. It seems like such a trivial amount of time, and yet for businesses, one second could impact overall conversion rates by 27%. That’s the typical difference between web pages which take 2.4 seconds to load in comparison to those which require 3.4 seconds. Essentially, Internet users are not prepared to wait around for pages to load. Either it’s ready to browse straight away or it takes too long and the user is already looking elsewhere for a resolution to their query. Such is the reality of surfing the web in 2017.

With Google often the first port of call when people look for businesses or services, the importance of operating a quality website cannot be emphasised enough. If your site is too slow in loading or looks barren, visitors will back out of it immediately and take their chances elsewhere. If you can provide them with a visually appealing and instantly-loading website that is sufficiently stocked with information to solve almost any query, the chances of winning customers and improving conversion rates increase hugely.

Creative Canary (https://www.creativecanary.com.au/) put together this infographic which outlines just how vital it is to get your website right and also offers some tips on how to combine all the elements of building a site so that the overall package will persuade visitors to stay on your page for much longer than those 3.3 seconds we mentioned earlier. Check it out below.

Why World-Class Web Design Matters 1

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