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Mimaropa – Calabarzon – JOB DESCRIPTION ?We are seeking for an Office Messenger who is well versed in the different areas of Metro Manila. Someone who is ambitious and acts with integrity. Who knows how to drive a motorcycle . Main function » To accomplish their main goal of picking up and delivering documents or goods, Messengers perform various tasks. We examined various job listings to identify these primary Messenger tasks and responsibilities. Maintaining Confidentiality » Tasked with transporting documents dealing with all types of sensitive andconfidential information . A strict commitment to deliver the documents without viewing or revealing any of the information is necessary. Acts with integrity at all times as you handle this type of material. Physical Tasks » Due to the nature of the job, Messengers must routinely make movements that involve their whole body. They may walk or ride a motorcycle for picking up or delivering, which requires more energy and movement than driving a vehicle. Stoopi…

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