When do You Need a Lawyer in Case of a Motorcycle Accident?

Deaths that are attributable to motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia are unfortunately common. Although most riders use appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and padding for protection, motorcyclists can often suffer from fatal injuries in an accident. The injuries caused by motorcycle crashes can result in devastating injuries and change a victim’s life forever. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include extensive scarring, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, damage to internal organs, or spinal cord injuries.

An accident may result in enormous pain, emotional suffering, and monetary losses. Consulting a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer can help a victim seek compensation to help them recover from their injuries. In addition, the lawyer can fight for the victim’s rights after a motorcycle accident. The insurance companies often try to pay the victim as little as possible for their injury claim, even in the event of serious, life-altering injuries.

You Need a Lawyer

What necessary steps can an experienced attorney take?

When a victim hires a skilled attorney, the legal professional can look into the case from every angle and analyze all of the different perspectives that can help an injured person to get the maximum compensation. Some of the essential steps include:

1. A thorough investigation of the accident: A lawyer can help the victim investigate the case thoroughly, which can aid in determining how the accident happened, identifying the parties involved in the accident, and discovering the extent of the victim’s injuries. A lawyer can also assist you with gathering all of the necessary evidence to prove the other party is at fault. Find a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia who can guide you in the right direction.

2. Understand the legal angle of your claim: In some motorcycle accident cases, there is no viable legal claim involved. Although a lawyer can try to understand your accident case from a legal perspective by carefully inspecting the facts of the case, they will be able to guide you with respect to whether you actually have a strong legal claim.

3. Making a list of all the damages and losses incurred

If you want to recover compensation for the injuries that you suffered in an accident, then documenting all of the damages that you incurred can be a vital step. Some of the damages that a motorcycle accident involves often include:

  • The money spent on medical treatment
  • Personal losses
  • Loss of wages
  • Disfigurement, disability, or impairments resulting from severe injuries
  • Pain and emotional suffering, including mental anguish
  • Property damage

What are some of the preventive measures a motorcyclist should take?

A motorcycle accident can occur anywhere and at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that a rider take some of the available preventive measures to improve the chances that they can escape a crash without fatal injuries. Some of the steps that a rider should adopt to effectively avoid the most serious injuries are as follows:

  • A rider should always wear a motorcycle helmet, which may prevent them from traumatic brain injuries or facial injuries.
  • The biker should make an effort to wear motorcycle clothing that would not get torn easily if it made contact with the pavement or road surface, such as leather jackets, riding pants, and protective shirts.
  • To protect the hands, ankles, legs, and feet, a rider should always try to wear gloves and boots when they get onto their bike.

Different Degrees of Road Rash

There might be different degrees of motorcycle accident injuries that can be diagnosed by the amount of physical damage a person has incurred. There are three degrees of road rash, a common injury that individuals suffer after a motorcycle accident:

  • First-Degree Road Rash

This is the degree of road rash that causes the least damage or injuries. In general, first-degree road rash can heal within a few days or weeks after an accident.

  • Second-Degree Road Rash

This is a moderate degree of injury that can cause serious damage to the outer layer of the skin. In some cases, dirt or small stones might enter the abrasion, increasing the chance of infection. A victim who suffers second-degree road rash should seek immediate medical treatment to avoid any complications.

  • Third-Degree Road Rash

This is the most severe degree of road rash, and it can affect multiple layers of skin. Without immediate medical attention, serious complications and infection can occur.

Situations in Which You May Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are a lot of advantages that you may discover when you hire an accident lawyer in Philadelphia. Some of the situations in which you might require the help of an attorney include:

  • The injury that you suffered in a motorcycle accident resulted in a disability or some other type of impairment.
  • More than one vehicle was involved in the motorcycle accident and it is difficult to determine who was at fault.
  • A government employee or government vehicle was involved in the crash.
  • You incurred massive financial losses as a result of the accident.
  • The insurance company blames the victim for the motorcycle accident.
  • A commercial vehicle was involved in the motorcycle accident.

Hiring an attorney can help you to get the maximum compensation for the damages that you suffered in your motorcycle crash. Always take advice from an experienced lawyer.

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