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One of the common surgical procedures conducted on male newborns is circumcision, though it can be done at any age.

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin, either due to religious reasons, customs, or medical purposes.

While this may seem like a quick procedure, it requires the right skills after suffering from risks.

Injuries during circumcision are rare, but they do happen. If you or your loved one has suffered from a circumcision injury, you may have a claim.

Complications From A Circumcision Surgical Error

A wrong procedure may cause deformities or erectile dysfunction, which may lead to a lifetime of complications. Not every person suffers from complications. But when such activity is done and its results in injuries, one may be concerned about the legal liability.

If you have a case and wondering what to do, you can contact law firms in Anchorage for legal guidance. A lawyer can tell whether surgical errors during circumcisions may lead to a claim.

Common risks associated with circumcisions surgical errors include:

  • Infections:It is easier for one to suffer from infections after surgery. Such could emanate from germs. Common signs to watch out for in case of an infection include fever, sweats, burning sensation while urinating, and nasal congestion. If the infection goes untreated, it may result in sepsis or even meningitis.
  • Scars:While a scar is sometimes inevitable, some scars may take time to heal.
  • Too little or too much skin:It may be a concern for cosmetic purposes. If too little skin is removed, it could lead to a condition referred to as phimosis; this may require one to go back for a second procedure. For excessive foreskin, the appearance may not be pleasing.
  • Bleeding:Few drops of blood after circumcision are normal. But if the amount of bleeding is unusual, there may be an issue.
  • Swelling:Swelling after the surgical procedure is normal. The penis may develop a crust that should go away after a few days.
  • The surgical environment was not sterile:the area where drapes or other surgical instruments are placed should be sterile. If this doesn’t happen, there could be a possibility of contaminating severe illnesses requiring long-term medical care.

If you or your loved one was circumcised and noted any of the above issues, you should visit your doctor immediately. Where there are errors, they may require a second surgical procedure, which may result in severe pain.

Surgical Errors And Medical Malpractice

Not every surgical error leads to malpractice. If you have a concern about how your circumcision surgical was performed, it would be better to seek help from a lawyer who understand errors and medical malpractice.

There are many reasons why you may file a medical malpractice claim, You must have the proper evidence to prove that:

  • You suffered from infections.
  • Damage of penis nerves.
  • The incision happens at the wrong place.
  • Too little anesthesia made you suffer from severe pain.
  • You contacted other illnesses due to unsterile surgical environment.

Surgical errors during circumcision may not be obvious but will later reveal themselves after a few days or weeks. For instance, the penis may start swelling and removing pus. One could also be in severe unending pain.

Anyone can make a mistake. But if one were supposed to act reasonably but failed due to negligence, a lawsuit would help get the injured party justice.

There are too many reasons why surgical errors may occur. Some of these include:

  • Surgeon’s fatigue:If a surgeon has been working for long hours, they could be struggling with tiredness. Such can easily make a mistake, For instance, they can take away too much or little skin or could use unsterilized instruments.
  • Defective equipment:Defective surgical instruments may cause more harm than one can imagine. For instance, equipment may break intraoperative, and this could lead to a failed procedure. In such a case, a lawyer can advise you on whether to file a product liability claim.
  • Incompetence:Errors can occur from an inexperienced operating surgeon or one who has never done such procedures before or doesn’t have the required skills.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs: This is common among some surgeons as they try to cope with stressful situations. They try to go over this by working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Any surgical error can trigger extensive medical costs. Also, such errors may require some consistent medical follow-ups. That’s why it’s vital for one to file a claim.

Get A Lawyer

No surgical procedure should be taken lightly. Again, it is worth noting that complications can occur no matter the simplicity of the procedure.

A surgical error is preventable; that’s why one should file a compensation claim. Getting a lawyer who has dealt with surgical error cases can help.

A surgeon should make sure to avoid any occurrence of mistake that may lead to the patient’s injuries.


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