Idiotic Road Mistakes That Happen Often

Idiotic Road Mistakes That Happen Often 1

In today’s generation, they usually assert that driving is the best thing in the world. But each day, road blunders happen. Admit it, you have your fair share on these mistakes; maybe while you’re cruising the problematic traffic here in the Philippines in your Toyota Innova, then a lousy driver suddenly stops and overtakes you. It makes your trip more or less unpleasant.

Here are some of the mistakes that is happening in the road and how to deal with them.

Wrong Use of Signals

Incorrect usage of car signals can confuse other drivers behind you. This can usually result to road collisions. Another mistake a driver makes is not turning their car signals on. Turning on your car signals are essential especially when turning or changing lanes. A sudden turn or a sudden change of lane without signaling other drivers may lead to serious car accidents. 

Wrong Use of Lights

The use of high beam lights is one of the common mistake drivers do while on the road. Different situations have its appropriate intensity of headlights. Driving in the city doesn’t need the use of a high beam. 

Incorrect Mirror Positioning

Car mirrors are a vital part of every car for it lets you see what’s behind you. It also lets you see both sides of your vehicle and the road. Proper positioning of mirrors will give you the right perspective while driving and escape the terrors of being involved in an accident. 


Following the two-second rule can become handy when you’re on the road. It promotes a safety welfare on the drivers and passengers, and at the same time cause less trouble. This rule is existent because there are sudden incidents on the road like, truck tires exploding or wheels flying off old vans or buses, which can help you maneuver to your safety. Tailgating can cause serious multi-car accident, and can lead to multiple loss and damage. 

Over Speeding

Main reasons? The typical you’re late for work. Aggressive driving can not only lead to accidents, but can also cause serious damages. Worse, it can result to death. Practice driving in a normal speed, not only because it is the law, but it can save you the big troubles that may come while you’re cruising the busy roads.

Distracted Driving

All of us are guilty with this one. We may not do it every day, but at some point we have done it. Using of mobile devices or talking on the phone while driving is the most common error every driver does. Avoid being distracted while on the road. Multiple incidents on the street usually happens because of distraction. Concentrate and keep your eyes on the road. Don’t take a call or reply to a message while driving. If the call or the message seems urgent, pull over to the side of the road, turn on your hazard signal, and take the call. 

Exercising cautions when on the road is important. Practicing these bad habits incessantly will lead into accidents that can cause damages to you, your passengers, and to other drivers and passengers on the road. So buckle up, drive safely, and be a smart driver. Enjoy the ride!


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