6 Reasons to Start Your Own Dance Studio

Starting a business of any type can be a very daunting task. After all, you need a business plan, tax identification number, business license and employees. It requires finding a suitable location and advertising. So why should anyone consider opening their own dance studio? The reasons are many.

• Owning a dance studio offers a little more flexibility than other businesses. If you have instructor employees, they can cover your classes if you need, or want a little time away. You can have large classes or specialize in private or couple’s lessons.

• A dance studio is an asset to the community by gives many people a positive alternative activity. It encourages physical activity and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

• A creative business can be a job, hobby and creative outlet to the owner. Not many people have the opportunity to do what they love and make a living doing it. It is a job in which you never have to grow bored and can continue to feed your own creativity.

• Dancing has seen a renewed interest with many popular television shows creating a ready client base in every neighborhood, which translates into steady income. It also provides the opportunity to “piggy back” your advertising efforts to coincide with and take advantage of “results” shows or times of peak interest.

• Owning a dance studio can be a steady income and one of the few businesses that can rebrand itself easily according to the latest dance trends. Whatever the current dancing trend, from Ballroom, Salsa, and Ballet to Hip Hop, you can be ready for whatever is currently the hottest trends. many times you can combine interests to draw a larger client base by offering such things as “workout” classes.

• If you are starting a dance studio on property your own, there are many ways to supplement the income by renting out the space during unused hours or days to people that need open areas, such as photographers.

If you are considering opening a dance studio, take the time to assure your success. Find a location in an area with high visibility and lots of foot traffic. Consider a space near where your target clientele may be frequenting, such as a local coffee shop. Advertise well using mediums which your target clientele will see, relate to and be compelled to contact you.

The best reason for opening a dance studio is the opportunity to share your love for the art. You can encourage people to sift through the day’s troubles and find a way to express themselves freely. You have the incredible opportunity to share a craft that so many have loved before yourself, and so many will love after. Opening your own dance studio can give a community a place to challenge themselves, color outside the lines and a reason to keep going, no matter what. Yes, some of the best reasons to open you own studio are intrinsic but the rewards are immeasurably great.

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