How to Design a Profitable App in 2019?

Whether you already have an app idea or you are looking for one to break into the market, building an app in 2019 can bring great revenue. But before creating the app you have to make sure that it would be a profitable one. And it’s understandable that you want to design a money-making app because you are investing effort, time and money and you want to know that it will pay back. But how can your app generate profit?

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If you want to learn more about how to build a productive app, here is what you need to know.

Build a unique app

The App Store has more than 2 million apps you can download. Google Play comes with extra 600,000 ones. So how can you design something that will convince users to choose it? The numbers listed above can stress you out because they make you understand that the competition is higher than you’ve expected.

So the most important tip someone can offer you is to create something unique. If you find that single idea no one before had, you have great chances to enter the market and to convince buyers to use your app. That would be an ideal situation, but as you can imagine it’s highly unlikely a similar app not to exist in the store. However, there are ways to make something look fresh even if it’s overused.

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For example if you love a certain game and you think other people would pay to play it, you can create an extension to the game to provide something unique.

Create a simple app

Uniqueness is an important factor in building a money-making app, but you will also want something people find easy to use if you want to retain them.

You have better chances to gain clients if you build an easy to use app, with a clean interface and little details. A too complicated app will exhaust your users and they will not be able to understand what the app does. So they will not buy or download it because they know they can find on the market something similar, but easier to use. People are more likely to delete from their phone a splashy app and warn other users about their unsatisfying experience.

Develop a user-friendly app

As stated before, a simple app will attract more users, so create one people can easily figure out how it functions if you want to gain clients. When you develop the app, make sure it comes with an easy-to-use interface because people with different levels of tech experience will use it, and they want a single thing, something to simplify their life.

Maybe they are downloading your app because they want to create a schedule, or maybe because they want to relax and take a break from their overwhelming lives. No matter what the goal of the app is, you have to offer them something that makes them work less. If they can quickly find the features they need they will definitely recommend it to other people. Free advertising is always a plus when you want to make a profit.

Identify the problems

All the apps you are using on your phone have a certain purpose, they solve one of the problems you are experiencing. You will find no app in the App Store that solves no problem. Even games solve a problem, they help you get rid of dullness and boredom.

So when you design your app you have to ask yourself what problem it will solve. If you want it to be profitable, it has to solve one of the problems the users are facing. Do not launch it until you make sure it has a purpose. If you lack inspiration here are the best app ideas of 2019.

How to Design a Profitable App in 2019? 2

Find your public

Once you find the best idea for your app and you know what problem it will solve, you have to identify your target audience. They are the ones who will download, install, and use it, and they will pay for your services so you have to make sure that they receive exactly what they need.

After you determine what your target audience is, you have to understand what their needs are and how your app can meet them. It’s advisable to conduct market research before you start the development process because it will help you identify the main features the app should have. For example if you are building an app for seniors, you should keep in view that some of them may experience eye problems, and you have to use larger fonts for content and buttons. If you know what your public needs, you will create the right app and you will make a profit, it’s as simple as it looks.

Create an emotional connection with the users

If you will analyse the above list of the best app ideas, you will notice that all of them create an emotional connection with the users. You should also analyse the apps you are using daily, you have at least two social media apps on your smartphone, a messenger app, and some other ones that help you stay organised. Statistics show that around 80% of smartphone users have Facebook installed on their phone, around 70% Facebook Messenger, and around 50% Instagram. Why? Because social media apps are an effective way to stray in touch with other people and to connect with our loved ones.

So, you should create an app that allows people to connect with other people. For example, if you develop a game you should include a chat feature to allow users to connect and share their experience. An app that helps people stay in touch with the one they love or with the people who have similar passions will definitely prove profitable in the long run.

Here are only some of the tips that will help you design a money-making app, but there are many other aspects that can influence its profitability. You should always ask for the support of experts when you have difficulties in creating an app.

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