Jobs You Can Try Out This Summer

Jobs You Can Try Out This Summer

Jobs You Can Try Out This Summer 1

Summer, the time when people would usually go to the beach, visit other countries, or go on thrill adventures for vacation. Others may lavishly spend most of this time on watching TV, playing computer games, or sleeping all day. But for some, this is the perfect chance to earns some money by applying for a summer job. There are a number of companies that offer work spots for student job seekers both in their office and franchises here in the Philippines.

However, finding a job might be a difficult task to some, especially for those who are trying it out for the first time. This is why we compiled a list of summer jobs that you can try this season.

Tutor Service

Offering tutoring services is a good source of income. At the same time, it is a good chance for you to review your subjects in school. You will also gain fresh learnings and knowledge since you’ll be doing a lot of researching and studying throughout this period.

Tutoring services are the best idea for a summer job if you are living in a subdivision with private schools inside. Try talking to parents that seeks private tutoring for their young ones. 

Computer Shop Staff

For those who loves the gaming world, this might be the perfect job for you. Computer shops are always on the lookout for computer staff or assistant. Look for nearby computer shops and ask if they have an opening. The best part of this job? You can actually play your favorite computer games while earning. Sounds like the perfect setup, right?

Jobs You Can Try Out This Summer 2

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Put Up a Small Business

To those people who wants to start their business on an early age, putting up your own business might be the best summer job you can try out. Since its summer, selling the good old samalamig and sandwiches will undoubtedly be a hit. In addition, selling these classic summer treats does not need a huge amount of capital. In fact, this the perfect example of what a “tubong lugaw” business means.

There are still a lot of treats that you can sell this summer. For instance, you can try putting up a small lemonade stand or a fresh fruit shake stand, or you can even try making delicious ice candies. 

Apply for a Crew Position

This is the most common job that every student prefers when seeking for a job, especially during summer. There are a number of companies that hire crew positions, such as restaurants, fast food chains, theme parks, and a lot more.

Getting yourself a summer job entails a lot of benefits. First, you don’t need your daily allowance to have money. Second, you will be able to help your family with the everyday expenses. Third, it is a good training ground that will definitely prepare you in the professional world.

Keep in mind that acquiring a summer job is not all about earning. In fact, this will be the perfect chance for you to gain some experience, especially when you are still a student. So let this be your guide and make yourself productive this summer!


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