The Reality of Being a Retailer in 2017

Retail is no longer about online vs. in-store sales. It is not competition between the two and the sooner retail stores realise this the better. As this infographic from the  CUBE outlines, the amount of retail sales influenced by a digital transaction continues to increase. While 2013 might not seem that long ago, the game has totally changed since then. In 2013, only 14% of sales were influenced by a digital transaction, but in 2016 this figure increased to 56%.

Even on a very simplistic level, 90% of retailer shoppers use a digital device while shopping in-store. This very rarely means that they’re going to buy the product online and they are often just checking reviews before buying the product – in-store.

Even before people go shopping they might check out the company website or social media profiles of your company online. Be sure to be where your customers are or lose them forever.

The Reality of Being a Retailer in 2017 1

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