Advantages of Starting an Online Store

online storeStarting an online store is much more easier to set up rather than putting up a physical store. It’s not hard to start an online store but of course you have to research the things that are needed in putting up an online store. But what are the benefits or advantages of starting an online business?

The benefits of “Starting an Online store business” can be perceived from two view points; namely of a “Business Store Owner” and a “Consumer”. However all the view points can be summarized in favor of both the parties.

For Business Owner:

Substantial income online: The average online store owner earns as much as or more than a practical shop owner of the same trade. While the Online entrepreneurs who consistently market their storefronts earn a six figure income with much less effort than that of a practical shop owner.

Convenience: With the aid of computer and Internet, online store owners are able to conduct all of the daily business transactions online which brings the added advantage of working from the privacy of their home which makes this the perfect home based business.

Flexibility: Online owners can prefer to work anytime of the day enabling them to spend more quality time with their family. One can run the business anytime and anywhere. The time flexibility however depends upon the sum, one wish to earn.

Cost effective: One can set up an Online Store business anywhere with no need to re-locate. One has to only concentrate upon marketing and running his Online store and not building it. Online stores also reduce building rentals, hiring employees, phone cost due to customer support via email and internet. You can even set up an online store for free and no hassle in keeping and stocking product inventories.

Quick start-up: One can start, build and set up a new online store business in less than a day. Once the setting up is done the business itself will take orders 24/7 and earn money while even the owner sleeps.

Best selling products: An Online store is able to sell the best selling products on the internet without having any inventory. The owner can widely choose the products to sell online from the best selling pharmaceutical items, personal care products, clothing, jewelry, perfumes to cars and real estates. The store owner can directly shipped the products right at their customer’s doorstep hassle- free with the business name on the box.

For Consumers:

Global advantage: Consumers can easily shop from any place in the world and through many items and categories without leaving their house. It also allows consumer to compare between a number of varieties in any aspect they want. Costumer has the freedom to read reviews of other customers if the product is suited to their taste. They can also easily search for those hard to find gadgets, products or items. Furthermore, the Internet is available round the clock and year, so the consumer is welcomed whenever they want to visit the Online store.

Here are 25 Reasons to Shop Online:

1. There’s no waiting in line. On the web, it’s like you’re the only one in the store!
2. You can multi-task and fill up a shopping cart over the course of several days, as time permits.
3. You can wear anything — or nothing! — and shoes and makeup are entirely optional.
4. Can use coupon codes, easily getting percentage discounts and/or free shipping.
5. You don’t need to go from store to store with tons of bags.
6. No sore legs and aching feet from walking all over the place.
7. Big, awkward or heavy items are delivered right to your door.
8. Save money on gas, public transit fares, tolls and parking.
9. No battling for a parking space or need to repeatedly circle the parking lot.
10. It’s simple to keep track of your spending and your purchases.
11. No paper receipts to stash in your wallet/purse.
12. It’s relatively easy to find what you want, there are lots of online shopping directories and stores that has a thousand products to choose from..
13. You can easily check the prices at a variety of stores with just a few mouse clicks.
14. It is simple to research products and to find product reviews.
15. You can read detailed product specs and even check out instruction manuals right in your browser window.
16. You can pre-shop (checking prices, features) online and then make a final decision in person.
17. You can also pre-shop at a brick-and-mortar store, deciding which products feel good in-hand, and then find the best deal online.
18. You’ll totally avoid pickpockets and chances to misplace your credit card or wallet.
19. It’s super-simple to send a gift to someone by simply ordering online.
20. You can get in on the latest international trends without spending money on airfare.
21. You can easily search for those hard to find gadgets, products or items. It’s easy to find those rare products online just by a click of a mouse.
22. Typically, web stores offer a far greater selection of products, colors and sizes than you will find locally.
23. Some stores offer a selection of products (sometimes discontinued items) available exclusively online.
24. Ability to set up repeat orders and have prescriptions or groceries delivered on a regular schedule.
25. You can go shopping when it’s convenient for you — even if the mall is closed — and take as long as you like. There’s no rush.

In a nutshell, operating an online store is hassle free, fast and no paper work is needed. You’re even making money while you are asleep. Thus, it becomes an after sought online business for young entrepreneurs.

If you have the products and guts to sell online, you can ask me for a help for free. You can visit my online store at Pcworld.ecrater.

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  2. Karl john says:

    Hi!, does having an online store needs a permit here in the Philippines?? I want to start a dropshipping business here from the Philippines but I will ship internationally. Also I’m gonna sell from amazon or ebay. hope you help me.

  3. Litz says:

    A suggestion for startups and those interested to sell online: Mybenta.com supports Pinoy online entrepreneurs and startups by providing a free online marketplace where Filipino sellers can advertise their products at no cost. Instead of creating your own store website and spending on advertising, Mybenta account already have established user base and high web traffic.

  4. Ralph says:

    Would recommend trying a hosted ecommerce platform like Saphirea, http://www.saphirea.com, for new business owners. It has really great ecommerce features that are easy to use and extremely helpful for online store owners, including hosting, web store templates etc. Try taking a look, definitely much more affordable than hiring a web developer or hosting your own site.

  5. ymgy says:

    Hi! Love your site. I was wondering if you know of other sites where I can post om products? Thanks and have a good day

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