Reasons Why Stores Should Start Selling on Google Shopping

Google is now a major search engine used by more than 4 billion people daily, which translates to more than 400,000 searches per second. Out of these searches, 40 to 50 percent are about products and services. Audiences and users who start their product searches with Google usually have high buying intent. For online sellers, retailers, and businesses, these searches provide a wealth of sales opportunities. The numbers are just one of the compelling reasons why Google Shopping is a wise investment for online stores. 

Start Selling on Google Shopping

Read on as we share other reasons why stores should start selling on Google Shopping.

You Are Improving Customer Experience

One of the best benefits of having your store’s products featured on Google Shopping is the convenience it gives to customers and audiences. If your store’s products are among the looked up items by the customers, it will get featured along with other stores offering the same product. It makes your store more visible aside from users having to scroll down the search engine result page to find your store’s link. Also, Google Shopping features images of the products that match the search results of users, which makes your store’s definitive line of products get noticed and clicked by potential customers.

Some customers have specific qualities in mind of the product they want, and an image of your store’s products can help them decide faster. Using Google Shopping to improve customer experience is one of the key points that this helpful guide from eCommerce experts from Store Growers is emphasizing. While it may seem that Google Shopping may provide a quick solution for your store’s sales needs, the stiff competition and automated product advertisement may prove challenging in getting the right audiences for your products.

Customizing your product feed and not relying too much on the automation features can help you have some control of your shopping ad campaign and effectively address the general and specific product searches of potential customers.

Enhanced Store Visibility is an Advantage

It is not enough to rely on organic search results when reaching out to customers and audiences. Looking at the current format of the result pages of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, a significantly large space is allotted for shopping ads, particularly Google’s shopping ads. Organic search results are pushed further down the page because shopping ads and search ads are taking the topmost parts of the page. Your store site’s ranking now depends on the premium spot occupied by Google Shopping ads due to its high focal point and attractive visual format that attract more clicks than organic search results. 

In the past, having a detailed description of your products can get you a good number of clicks from internet users. Now, you can improve those numbers as Internet users are more likely to be influenced to click on a shopping ad that shows an image of the product that comes with a detailed description. By showing a high-quality image in your product feed, you are helping customers find what they are looking for faster, especially those that cannot decide between similar products. The color and design of your posted image may be the deciding factor for most customers’ choices, so always select images with vibrant colors and attractive designs for better visual appeal.

Google Shopping Improves Purchase Transactions

For sellers, one of the biggest worries they have is the seller’s fee. Google has a commission-based payment structure where you pay your seller fees only when a successful sale from your store has been made. The commission rate is also affordable and can vary depending on your store’s product category.

Customers also enjoy smoother purchase transactions with various payment and shipping options. Internet users who love to shop from multiple stores can use Google Shopping’s universal cart feature to add their products to a single cart. There are also several stores in Google Shopping that offer free delivery for a minimum purchase. For example, if a store’s minimum purchase requirement is $50, then customers who make purchases of $60 or more can have their shipping absolutely free. Another delivery advantage offered by Google Shopping is the same-day delivery option, which customers will find appealing. Best of all, buying products through Google Shopping is made convenient with a one-click checkout feature and smart transaction feature for faster transactions of future returning customers.

Google Shopping Has Mobile Compatibility Features

Going mobile is a new and profitable avenue that your store can explore. More than half of the world’s population own a smartphone and more than 80% percent of smartphone users use their phone to access the internet. Your store can utilize and take advantage of the young and on-the-go millennial and Gen-Z audience who do most of their online shopping through their smartphones. Google Shopping has you covered on that as its features are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It means you have more audiences and potential customers within your reach.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an eCommerce utility that can open various sales opportunities for your online store. If your store is not yet selling on Google Shopping, now is the perfect time to do it. Do not miss out on being a part of this shopping platform’s phenomenal growth in the future.

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