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You can even get the latest breaking news headlines at any place and time.

Bobby Brown Jr. Dies at 28

R&B singer Bobby Brown is known for his amazing contribution to the music industry. His son, Bobby Brown Jr. expired at the age of 28. This came as a shock to the family as they are still recovering from the loss of Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died from intoxication and drowning in 2015. Bobby Jr. was one of the seven Brown siblings. He was the half-brother of the late Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Jr. was an aspiring musician, planning to make a mark in the music industry just like his father. He died at his Los Angeles home, on November 18, 2020. Bobby had Bobby Jr. with Kim Ward, whom he dated for 11 years.

What will be the Golden States action regarding the 2020 NBA Draft?

The Warriors have been living up to their name since the 2012 second-round pick of Draymond Green. Their front office has been getting credit for their amazing prowess and swift decision-making abilities for the last few years. However, after the selection of Green, the office did not take into account the importance of the draft. This led to the struggles of Jacob Evans, Damian Jones and Patrick McCaw, among many others. Last year, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry experienced injuries, and the Warriors grappled with getting back in their game. Now, they have to defend their future to avoid any distressing rebuild later. They have already selected Eric Paschall during the second round of the 2019 NBA Draft. That is a great start. However, what remains to be seen is how the Warriors will react to the 2020 NBA Draft. Since they are in the Number 2 position for the overall pickup, they have a plethora of options to choose from – perhaps LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards – it remains to be seen.

Pentagon Chief Making Changes Before Trump Leaves the White House

Mark Esper was fired by President Trump from the position of being a Pentagon chief. The new Pentagon chief, Chris Miller, is looking forward to using certain policy changes. Miller is acting fast to keep up with the policy changes before Trump leaves office in January 2021. The hastiness comes from the motive that the changes will not enable the President-Elect Joe Biden to make any modification after he takes residence at the White House as a President in 2021. Miller has announced that the United States will decrease its troops to 2,500 both in Iraq and Afghanistan by January 15. It is predicted that Biden is unlikely to reverse the modification as he had insisted on bringing down the US troop numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan by a few thousand even during his years as a Vice President. Esper was known to have resisted the move. However, Miller’s actions put him at odds with Trump and his allies as they think that this might be a threat to the security conditions in those two countries.

Jason Mamoa is absolutely terrified of his wife, Lisa Bonet

There is no doubt that the Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor love his wife very much. However, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the actor had to spend every waking moment with his wife and kids. The Aquaman actor explained that he and his wife do not own a television. They live with their teenage kids, Lola (13) and Nakoa-Wolf (12). The kids also don’t own any cell phones. Mamoa stated proudly that his kids love to read books, so much so that he has to force them to go out and get some exercise. He jokes how his wife, Lisa, is the ultimate Queen of the household. He said that he is a very emotional person, who is not looking forward to her little daughter growing up. He also stated that he cried when Lola turned into a teenager for the first time. This shows how he is a sensitive and caring guy underneath that tough exterior.

The UK Makes a Decision Regarding Transportation Rules

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, Thursdays have typically been the review days for the UK’s Department of Transport. The Department reviews a list of places that the citizen can go to while maintaining the various restrictions to keep them safe from the virus. The changes to the recent list have been notified via Twitter. The aviation industry is, however, not pleased with this system and has been asking the government to scrap it fully and implement testing centers at the airports. The UK was supposed to be doing well in the testing department. The government is planning to launch the test after the nationwide lockdown ends on December 2.

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