In-Demand Course Graduates in the Corporate World

Graduates from the best civil engineering university in Manila wouldn’t have trouble looking for a job.

If you’re planning on looking for a job as a software developer or engineer, you’ll find a job no matter where in the world you are. Software engineers and software developers are one of the most in demand jobs right now. Others are:




Even those industries that you wouldn’t think would need any engineers are now needing them. Some of those industries are healthcare and entertainment. The entertainment industry of course, needs all those engineers for the construction of sets or even for the equipment needed to make the raw footage come to life, and of course, the new technologies that continue to awe movie-goers. Of course, those sectors like manufacturing need more engineers to help maintain and improve their factories.


Human resources

Because so many companies are hiring, they need people to sort through all these applications and see which of them are skilled enough or have enough potential to do well in the company and contribute to its growth. Wading through these talented people isn’t an easy job, so HRs with experience are in high demand. Aside from the acquisition of talent and workforce, human resources also work on the retaining these talents.


Office and administration

These include contact center jobs. Some of the high paying jobs are those who have an intermediate level of experience, about six years, in customer service. They’re also trying to replace those baby boomers who are retiring and changing the workflows which calls for a person with good management skills to ease the employees into the new routine.


Information Technology

With all the companies looking for people they can hire to assess the cyber risk they’re open to, there is no doubt that this profession is on this list. Other than skills in their field, companies are also looking for information technology professionals who are also very competent in writing and communication.


Logistics and manufacturing

As a country’s economy grows, more and more products are being produced for the consumers. If more products are produced, then the companies who produce them will have to expand to accommodate the demand, and this is where the demand for those with experience in logistics and manufacturing come in. Another thing they’re going to manage is the value chain, which is important if the manufacturing company wants on time deliveries.

Most of the time, employees leave their company after a few years if they believe that another company can offer more to them, both an advancement to their career and of course, money. There are many workers who also believe that it’s undesirable to stay with only one or two companies throughout their working life. They believe that to be able to grow, they’ll have to move from company to company to reach their goals.

Since there are so many jobs in demand, people with these degrees or people with experience in these fields won’t have too much trouble looking for a job that will fulfill their needs.


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