Prudent Ways to Choose Cheap CDN for your Better Business

With the advent of automation, people are demanding to avail all the technologies under a single umbrella. This can only be achieved if proper resources and connectivity are offered to the end users. The World Wide Web offers a gamut of stable support to countless other technologies operating across the world. Hence, it is essential to accentuate the speed in order to procure the maximum benefit from it.

Accentuating the Speed of the Websites

A web page is the identity of a business or enterprise on the internet. Hence, website designing must be accomplished meticulously to help allure maximum clients to your website and keep them engaged. What if the users are unable to access the website created by you? Will you be able to establish a positive impression on the clients with a feeble performance? The answer to the latter is negative which demands strong measures of rectification. Content Delivery Network is an eminent way to elevate the response rate of your website. Through this article, we will understand CDN and whether a cheap CDN is a prudent choice or not.

How Does CDN Help in Enhancing your Business?

The introduction of advanced technologies has made the market extremely tenacious. Compatible conjugation of scrutinized steps and versed manpower assists in establishing your exclusive identity. It also aids in enhancing your online presence and climbing the ladder of the search engine ranking system. CDN improves the algorithm of your websites, making it visible among the top websites. How to implement CDN on your website? Let us have a look at it.

Content Delivery Network

A website is the only medium to communicate with the target audience. Therefore, after the completion of a well-designed and well-informed website, it is necessary to look for the easiest way to showcase your business to the world. CDN is a collection of servers or networks that successfully delivers the contents of a website to the end users. These servers are distributed throughout the world so it can reside physically closer to the users. Once the web page is available in the vicinity of the users, the contents can be accessed with diminished latency. This helps deliver the contents in a jiffy, contributing to the elevated satisfaction of the clients. It also aids in accessing the worldwide consumer database without spending a huge capital.

How does CDN Work?

CDN caches the contents of your website to the multiple nodes, which is a part of a delivery network. Once a request is initiated by the end user, it is redirected to the nearest server or node rather than the host server. Since these nodes are distributed strategically across the world, it reduces the distance traveled between the host and user. It effectively leads to depleted lag, contributing to customer satisfaction. CDN also communicates with the host server to exhibit a content that was not cached previously. The entire procedure of delivery of content is nearly invisible to the end users, making the experience worthwhile.

Mechanism of Request Routing

Request routing is the key element of the Content Delivery Network as it enables the users to access the proxy servers rather the host servers. It redirects the request to the appropriate nodes that are compatible with the metrics and policies. Let us understand the most accepted techniques of this mechanism:

  • Rewriting URL– The method of rewriting URL alters the URL of the specified content in the primary website. The content includes images, CSS, scripts, and more. With this alteration, the users are routed to the CDN to access the content rather the host web page.
  • Domain Hosting– This mechanism refers to a process in which a web page utilizes the DNS of the Content Delivery Network as its authoritative name for the domain. With the hosting of the domain name, the control is handed over to the CDN provider. This leads to the translation of the IP addresses according to the nearest nodes of the users.
  • CName– It is also known as ‘canonical name’ and is a form of DNS record. It connects the domain name with the other name. Being the owner of your website, you will be able to locate the original domain name with the CDN. This will aid in redirecting the domain name to the appropriate CDN via DNS solution. This gets translated to a relevant IP address that is suitable as per the policies of CDN.

Are These Mechanisms Perfect?

The aforementioned mechanisms of request routing have their own set of perks and limitations. Let us check them in a cumulative manner:

  • The process of rewriting URL offers a fine-tuned redirection for controlling the websites. However, it needs proper modification of contents in the original website. This might lead to errors, resulting in presenting wrong information to the end users.
  • Rewriting URL is not applicable to the WAF or DDoS protection as it needs domain redirection.
  • Domain hosting and CName offer extreme flexibility and convenience that cater to the issues efficiently, which the URL rewriting fails to solve.

Worldwide Acceptance of CDN

CDN is accepted across the world and effectively improves the performance of the web pages in the following way:

  • Accelerating the loading time of the website.
  • Depleting the consumption of bandwidth secured applications.
  • Blocking the data scrappers and miscellaneous spammers.
  • Utilizing the B2B technique for interaction in order to deliver the contents to the clients.

CDN effectively delivers the dynamic content, static content, mobile content, video, e-commerce transactions, games, voice and more to the end users at a faster pace. Therefore, has been accepted with open arms across the world.

CDN Service Providers

Once you decide to opt for CDN in order to accelerate the performance of your website, it is important to consider the service providers to enhance the advantages. It is advisable to choose a service provider prudently, after weighing in all your options. SpaceCDN offers multiple options of selecting the best cheap CDN that meets the requirements within your budget.


Avail the most relevant service to eliminate the traffic bottleneck at the host server and appreciate the advantages offered by this stupendous technology.

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